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My lil girls

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#1 Guest_shaz_*

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Posted 12 August 2010 - 10:21 PM

Thought id put some pics of my lil ones on here. Aint been on for a while. Storm is now 63g and 65 mm and Chase is 41g and 56mm. They both hatched Jul/Aug 2009 so there around one now. What do you all think about there weights? Do they sound ok?




Both of them

#2 Guest_Freddy McGavin_*

Guest_Freddy McGavin_*
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Posted 12 August 2010 - 11:32 PM

Hi Shaz,
What lovely torts. you have there and great pics too.They look like little THB's, my favourites. Thanks for sharing. ;)
Kind Regards
Freddy :D
P.S Their weights sound fine and they look fantastic. A credit to you.

#3 Guest_shaz_*

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Posted 08 October 2010 - 10:04 PM


#4 Guest_Hettie_*

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Posted 09 October 2010 - 07:16 PM

Hi Shaz,

The littlies are looking great! Are you hibernating this year? (Before Lin comments, I meant the torts!! :laugh: )
With regard to their weights, what is their monthly weight gain? 2-3g is said to be steady growth.
Your enclosure is fab, the screens make it much more interesting.

Paula x

#5 Guest_brucefairweather_*

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Posted 09 October 2010 - 07:41 PM

great looking table i bet it dose not stay like that for long!!!!mines would trash it in mins!!well done

#6 Guest_Ozric_*

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Posted 11 October 2010 - 12:17 AM

Excellent photos Shaz! Your torts look lovely and those little ones don't have the power yet to trash everything - just wait a few years and they will behave like your screen isn't even there.

I would keep an eye on weight gain but both look beautifully smooth at this stage.


#7 Guest_SheilaS_*

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Posted 11 October 2010 - 02:20 PM

Awwww they are so sweet :wub:

#8 Guest_jay_*

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Posted 11 October 2010 - 07:28 PM

Hi Shaz
they look so cute,there home look's fab,my H would reck that in two seconds he creates that many mud pies with his water dish.
Jay,H and Becky

#9 Guest_miller07_*

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Posted 11 October 2010 - 07:52 PM

aww... your wee babies are gorgeous shaz x

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