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Is This Normal Behavior?

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Posted 22 March 2016 - 04:28 AM

Hi, well I have had my 2 year old hermann Tortoise for around 6 weeks.  And I have noticed that he seems to want to stay sleeping in his wooden dog kennel.  He has a choice of a mini greenhouse or his doghouse.  I did insulate his doghouse with Polystyrene and artifical grass, so that's he is comfortable at night.  In the late morning he will still be in his doghouse. He doesn't often come out to eat the food I give him.  Even though the temps here are up to around 24 degrees.  I have got him out a few times and when I do he does go to the food and eats, but it's like if I didn't get him out he'd probably stay in his doghouse all day. Which is located in the shaded part of his enclosure.  I noticed that if he sleeps in his greenhouse he seems to come out sometimes as I guess it gets too hot in there.  We are in the 3rd week of autumn and the weather is still rather hot. I am worried about him not being more active. He is used to being outside but if the weather at night goes below 11 degrees I have bought him inside.  When he is indoors he tends to just go over to the corner of the tortoise table, go under a artifical plant and go to sleep. I am concerned he is not more active.

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Posted 22 March 2016 - 02:29 PM

I'm firstly wondering how a two year old manages a dog kennel unless he's not two lol. These are ideal for adults and with a heat lamp on a timer are ideal for getting them going in the mornings. Careful with polystyrene as if eaten it can cause impaction. Do you have any heating in there? Artificial grass won't do much for comfort as they have a shell and need yo be able to dig into soil to thermoregulate at night. Autumn is not a good time to take on a tortoise really, as although sometimes it's unavoidable, it's hard to tell if the inactive time and knack of eating is due to the stress of moving or the wind down for hibernation. Bringing him in at night and out in the day will add to the stress, so it's a difficult one. Do you intend to hibernate him? What does he weigh and do you have pics we could see, to see if anything obvious is going on?

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