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#67110 Newly Brought Tortoise

Posted by mildredsmam on 12 November 2016 - 06:32 AM

I am staying in kuwait and we brought 4 years old tortoise last week. We are confuse how to take care so require forum help for it to get answer for following questions.
Kuwait climate is extreme but indoor climate can be controlled thru centralize ac and heater
1) what is ideal room temperature for tortoise for indoor ?
2) Can tortoise move in room on floor or Do it require keep him in wooden table
3) what type of light and heat will be ideal ?
4) He is constantly sleeping and not much active is that normal or it is matter of worries?
5) enclosing photo to confirm that it is hermann tortoise

Hi, welcome to the forum.

It's not good to have a tortoise just walking around on the floor they do require a wooden table filled with soil and a heat lamp, they also need uv when indoors you can bulbs that do both heat and uv together or have separate ones, if he has no heat at the minute then he will constantly sleep and not be active he also wont eat, tortoises must have heat when indoors to warm them up through the day on a night their fine with no heat at all, if you don't have a heat lamp on him then you need one asap, hope that helps. x

#67087 Confused Newbie.

Posted by mildredsmam on 10 November 2016 - 02:20 PM

Hi Vicky welcome to the forum.

Some times the combined bulbs do flicker, have you tried the bulb again, i dont use the Arcadia bulbs i use the Mega-ray bulbs i've used these for some time now and do find them good i've had no problems with them at all here you go   http://www.megaray.c...b016572707a8dfb

To try the light fitting you could just buy a house hold spot bulb there only a pound or two and try one of these in the fitting that way you'll know if it's the fitting or the bulb, if it is the bulb you could leave the spot bulb in for heat until your new bulb arrives hope that helps. x

#67048 New Owner

Posted by mildredsmam on 08 November 2016 - 03:42 AM

Hi Andy,

If she was older than 2 you would still give the same care it's the same for hatchlings up to adults, as said she is big for her age i have some here about that age that weigh about 80/100g you can slow her weight gain down given the right food and the right amount, lettuce and cucumber are ok as a one off feed but you would be better feeding weeds and plants some Florett crispy salad is ok to use over winter when weeds are hard to find but at the minute there's still quite a few about, this might be helpful on diet   http://www.tortsmad.com/diet.htm

It's not too late to hibernate if you feel ready for that my little ones will go into hibernation at the end of next month for 8 weeks.

Just to add the tables looking great loads better than a vivarium, I wouldn't plant any edible plants in or she'll just eat them in my tables I have Carex grass planted it lasts quite some time and they like to dig down under it on a night. x

#66963 Help... Tortoise Weight Advice Needed

Posted by mildredsmam on 30 October 2016 - 04:50 AM

Thanks for the reply, I had wondered about that from reading other posts but just got a bit stressed as I wasn't sure if the shell density thing of captive vs wild would make captive heavier or lighter.
Is there any tool out there for checking safe weights for captive tortoises prior to hibernating? Or do we just need to trust our judgements on them appearing healthy?
Thanks again,

Hi Vic,

I've never used any chart with my tortoises I think over time you get to know your tortoise and keep your own records through the year also through hibernation, I've never had a problem with hibernation, but if there ever was a time I thought one of them was unwell through the year at any point then I wouldn't hibernate. x

#66962 How Long Should I Hibernate For?

Posted by mildredsmam on 30 October 2016 - 04:32 AM

Hi all,

I was wondering what duration I should be looking at for my tortoises first hibernation, I have had him 3 years but always chickened out of hibernating and chose to overwinter indoors instead.
He is 6 years old and captive bred, I have had him 3 years and would imagine he probably has never done this before, I have checked his weight, length etc and he is bang on perfect looking at Jacksons ratio, he started his wind down a couple of days ago so planning if all goes well to have him in fridge in 3 weeks time, everything regarding the fridge is set up ready, obviously I will be monitoring his weight weekly throughout and presuming I don't need to bring him out due to too much weight loss or other problem, how many weeks should I be aiming for on his first hibernation?


Hi, with any hibernation the minimum you want to hibernate is 8 weeks any less isn't beneficial really, with this been the first hibernation all been well you could hibernate for 8/10 weeks.

I would set your fridge up well before hand I normally run mine for a couple of weeks to give the temps time to settle, I add bottles of water to help keep the temperature stable hope that helps. x

#66952 Chalk Lumps Vs And Limestone Flour

Posted by mildredsmam on 28 October 2016 - 05:52 AM

Hi Sabina

I use Nekton Msa, but I do also have lumps of chalk in all my set ups, to be truthful I've never seen the little ones touch it, one or two of my adult females have it after they've laid eggs but that's it really. x

#66874 Hermann Tortoise Guidance

Posted by mildredsmam on 08 October 2016 - 05:09 AM

Hi There!


I am new to the forum but I am after a bit of guidance regarding my tortoise.  We have had him for just under a year now.  He is only 3 years old so quite little.  Throughout the summer we have had him outside which he seemed to be happy with but I am a bit apprehensive about the winter/colder months and am looking for some advice on the best way to keep him so he is happiest.  We have quite a large tortoise table which we had him in last winter but sometimes he wasn't very keen on really getting himself up and about.  The breeder who we got him from suggested not letting him hibernate until he is at least 5 years old because of their size when they are so young?  He eats happily and generally seems to be happy but just for my own reassurance if anyone has any general advice it would be great to hear as I read so many things which often seem to be conflicting.


Many thanks


Hi Hannah, welcome to the forum.

I also hibernate hatchlings for about 8 weeks, I normally hibernate them in January/February time as these seem to be the cooler months.

It's really your choice now but if you do feel confident enough to hibernate I always think it's best, some tortoises do well been over wintered some don't and are quite hard to keep going, what ever you choose were here to help with any advice you need. x

#66870 Skin Question

Posted by mildredsmam on 06 October 2016 - 03:03 AM

Hi Sabina,

Sorry for the late reply, they look fine to me, they start looking worse when they shed their skin my lot always look scruffy then lol. x

#66867 Happy Birthday, Karen

Posted by mildredsmam on 01 October 2016 - 04:07 PM

Happy birthday Karen, have a brilliant day. Hope you're not working and having some pamper time. Xxx

Thanks Sue, no work today just a lovely relaxed day doing what I wanted to do. x

#66838 Yearling Hibernation

Posted by mildredsmam on 22 September 2016 - 02:50 PM

Hi Sabina,
8 weeks is best, i would aim for 8 weeks but they can always be woke up earlier if needed i hibernate my hatchlings Jan/ Feb as they seem to be the colder months and i still find some weeds up till then x

#66796 Tortoise Found

Posted by mildredsmam on 21 August 2016 - 05:46 AM

I had another message last night to say this tortoise is now back with its owner, well done to person who found the tortoise and took time to find its owner.x

#66776 Tortoise Found

Posted by mildredsmam on 14 August 2016 - 11:45 AM

Hope it finds its home. If the RSPCA know the species that will be a first. They usually don't have a clue lol. I will never forget the tortoise they drowned because they insisted it was a terrapin :(

Yes I remember hearing about that, and hopefully they know the species at least they've not give that information out like some do and then anyone can claim it's theirs. :wink:

#66746 Bigger Enclosure

Posted by mildredsmam on 07 August 2016 - 06:00 AM

I love the water pool idea, i'll have to show the hubby this. :)

#66737 Baby Marginated Tortoise

Posted by mildredsmam on 06 August 2016 - 01:34 AM

Hi Lance,

Peach's is just gorgeous, and with her/him been so small you can give the right care and diet right from the start and have a lovely tortoise. :)

#66717 Bathing A Hermann Baby

Posted by mildredsmam on 04 August 2016 - 04:31 AM



When is best time of the day to bath a Hermann baby?


Thank you




It doesn't really matter when, I try and bath mine on a morning but this doesn't always happen with me been at work, :)