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Harriet Has Stopped Eating And Is Losing Weight

05 September 2013 - 07:13 PM

Hi there,


Harriet has stopped eating for the past ten days and obviously is beginning to lose weigh which is rather worrying this year she has been table bound and bathed at least once and since she has stopped eating twice a day with no sign of her wanting to feed.


Any ideas on what can be going wrong at first I though she may be preparing for hibernation but it is rather early, the only other thing is we've been in France for the summer and my daughter has been looking after her with much of her normal schedule and I wondered if it was this change around that has upset her?


Anyway any thoughts I'm off to the vets with our dog tomorrow so will talk to them.


Some useful info she can out of the fridge this year on the 30.03.13 weighing 179grms she has then gone up to 258grms by the 28.08.13 and has now gone down to 243grms I wonder if she has gorged to much and is just stopping eating for a while.  Foods, she's a lover of dandelions and other plants and she has the odd correct lettuce leaf, so we haven't changed her diet.


Anyway any ideas would be helpful.


Many thanks, Tim.

Winter Wear For Torts?

07 May 2013 - 07:51 PM

Hi there,


Not sure if you've seen this but really?






Toby What Is The Right Treatment For Him

01 April 2013 - 12:02 PM

HI there,


This year I hibernated a friends Tortoise called Toby who is 7 years old and had never been hibernated before.  So I was a bit worried and when he arrived ready for hibernation even more worried by he's shell and beak but he had been to a vets recently who advised he should be hibernated.  


I have been advising that his owner should feed him properly as per all the guidelines available and perhaps not on his favourite peas anyway a change has begun but what about his shell and size is this normal I think it is pyramiding and that providing he is fed properly from now on it won't disappear but it won't get worse.  But it is his beak that looks so odd compared to Harriet apparently last year the vet clipped the beak that sounds painful and I have suggested that he is fed of some form of abrasive tile something I think I read on here. 


Also his tail seems so long compared to Harriet.


Anyway any bits of advice would be welcome from the forum and I will pass them on to the owner when Toby returns to them next week.


Final question Toby is 7 and a big boy Harriet is 4 and dainty are they okay in the same table or should I split them up it is way to cold up here in Yorkshire for the next month so the BBC are saying so no chance of them going outside yet.


Again many thanks, Tim.Attached File  Toby 1.jpg   57.07KB   43 downloadsAttached File  Toby 2.jpg   53.48KB   50 downloadsAttached File  Toby Tail.jpg   14.99KB   36 downloads

Hibernation Weight Issue

02 March 2013 - 11:33 AM

Hi there,


We put Harriet 3 years old in the fridge on the 20.11.12 at 186grms she is still in there but for the last six weeks she has not lost any weight since the 3.2.13 she has weighed in at 180grms and is still moving about alive when I check on her she is a young tort 3 years not a big one but the right weight for her size.  as it is still so cold I'm thinking of leaving her for at least another 2 weeks with constant checks she has hibernated for the previous two years without problems so any thoughts it is not a problem to bring her out but I'd prefer to warm her up once we have some natural leaves to feed her on.


Thanks, Tim.