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Shed Heating

09 March 2017 - 11:01 AM

I'm just looking for some advice on outdoor heating for my 10 year old Hermann tortoise Arthur. Up until this year Arthur has lived indoors in a tortoise table with a UVA/UVB lamp as well as the heating from the house. I would then put him outside when the weather was nice. I'm trying to recreate his natural habitat a bit better so last year when doing up the garden I built a shed. I'm looking at moving Arthur's tortoise table out into the shed so he can come and go As he pleases. My questions for those who have already done this are:

What additional outdoor heating will be required for the shed. I've read that greenhouse tubular heaters are a good option, is this the best method?
Am I ok to create a small opening in his tortoise table and the shed so he can let himself in and out or are there any dangers to this?
Is he ok to stay out in the shed during the night time and should I just leave his heater on rather than the basking lamp?

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

Tortoise Missing For 8 Months Found

13 April 2016 - 02:59 PM

I'm looking for some advice. On around the 17th August last year I left my tortoise happily playing in the garden as it was a warm sunny day, when I tried to find him that evening he was nowhere to be found. To cut a long story short after months looking, I went to see my vet who told me not to panic, that Arthur will have just buried himself in one of the flower beds. I was inclined to believe this as I'd made sure my garden was fully secure and he couldn't escape. 


Over the last few weeks, I've again been going out in the garden searching for him in case he made a reappearance. I'm glad to say, I've just found him safe and well (although covered in a tonne of mud). I've bathed him, cleaned him up and tried feeding him but he wont eat which is unusual for him as he usually starts eating straight away after he wakes up. Is there anything special I should be doing? Should I take him to the vet as he has hibernated outside instead of the usual controlled conditions? 


Overall he looks well, there is no damage to his shell or legs. His left nostril looks like it is slightly blocked but his eyes are clear and open. I haven't seen the inside of his mouth yet as we will not eat. I've just weighed him and he has lost about 20g in weight since August. He was 795g and is now 771g. 


He is a 9 year old Hermann tortoise. 


Any help you can give would be appreciated.