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In Topic: Problems Happen To My Tort

22 February 2013 - 03:14 PM

Peter, So sorry to hear of our loss of Big Flower.

Thank you for your care, Zhilla.

In Topic: Problems Happen To My Tort

22 February 2013 - 08:46 AM

It hurts and it makes me feel heavy.I think I should not keep tortoises in haste unless I have enough time and correct circumstances.I am now still a college student in Shanghai and sometimes I had to leave my tortoises in my hometown.I have long been interested in tortoises since I was a child and I think I will not stop loving them.Thank you everyone for your concern.It is a good idea to offer information and experience to the new Chinese enthuiasts.Although there are several forum on reptiles and tortoises in China, but I don't think they are so professional in hermanni as this one.But now it is too difficult for me to set up a website because I don't major in computer technology and it is a too large project for me to correctly translate professional English into Chinese.But I will consider it.I will keep touch with the forum and you,dear friends.I will continue the research in tortoise care and I will help others as possible as I can in the hermanni tortoise group in China.

In Topic: Problems Happen To My Tort

19 February 2013 - 05:30 AM

She did not wait for the specific medicine mailed this morning. And she will never touch the vegetables I send to her mouth and never touch my finger by her funny tongue when I do it. I feel so sad to see her silent and strengthless sleep and I feel so hard to accept her quick going without any farewell.Thank you Chrissyan,you remember her name Big Flower. She was like a baby of mine,she couldn't talk but the joy she brought to me was more than words.Now she only left a memory to me, I can not help recalling the happy time at the time when I stare at the late medicine and the specific food I ought to prepare for her.  I tried my best to acquire knowledges about her to give her a happy life, I tried my best to offer her a healthy and safe circumstance,I tried my best to look after her to protect her.I am so sad. The more I remember, the more I regret. I feel regretful and angry for my carelessness ,my empty head.I would rather never keep her than see her passing.But any way, many thanks to you ,Freddy,you always give me valuable advices and warm concern. And thank you Stella , Jay and those who gave me advices and help.

In Topic: Problems Happen To My Tort

18 February 2013 - 06:47 AM

Thank you for your care.I tried to find vet in my city but they are all specialized in dog and cat. Hermanni Tortoise came to China only a couple years ago, and it is really hard for me to find a person who know them much more.I sent emails to some professors in this field and ask help, but I do not know if I can receive their guidance in time.Today morning she could not open her eyes and she kept her head in her shell with arms out. I gave her a bath and she became better and made her eyes open with her arm. Obviously I see she breathe with her mouth and I took some photoes as belows.Now I have to enforce her to have some food with amoxiciline .I have to medicate her otherwise I have no choice.

In Topic: What Is Cranberry?

08 October 2012 - 10:04 AM

You are right,Chrissyan! I am doing my homework.My teacher ask us to analyse a case about cranberry plant.So I see the picture and more information! They look delicous,How I wish to eat them! Thank you,Chrissyan ! :D
BTW,my tort Flower is in good condition and prepare for her hiberation.:)
Best regards!

Hello Peter, I wondered where you had gone, :wave: it's a fruit, SO NOT GOOD TORTOISE FOOD, I guess you are asking this for another reason, You can see it see here https://www.google.c...iw=1280&bih=909