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Alfie's New Home

02 July 2012 - 08:03 AM

Following advice from the forums, Alfie has finally moved out of his vivarium into his new tortoise table. It took Granddad, Dad and I all weekend to build.
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Helpfully he will be a lot happier now.

Caring For Alfie

20 June 2012 - 10:46 AM

Hello, I am concerned with the way I have been caring for Alfie over the last two years and need some advice. Alfie is three and I am worried that he is pyramiding. Previously I believed that too be there natural shape as that is how I bought him and how the other tortoises in the shop were.

He lives in a vivarium and has free run of the living room between 8-5 weekdays. Normally when i get in he is sitting in the middle basking in natural sunlight from the window(I know it blocks out UV), or he has hidden himself. I know a vivarium is not ideal, we keep the glass window open as much as possible. The heat lamp is also connected to a habistat which keeps the cool area at a constant 76F. The substrate I use is Mediterranean tortoise life, it seems to be a mixture of soil and other things. There is also hemp in his house. My care guide said it is to sharp and bad for them, but he is not happy without it.

Alfie has always hated baths. As soon as he touches down he immediately try's to escape. He never urinates or defecates in them. They seem to be very stressful so I have tried to keep them to a minimum of once a week. I struggle to keep him in there for more than 2 minutes. I have read that bathing him more frequently whether he likes it or not is a good idea to prevent pyramiding.

He eats a lot, much more than I would expect him too. When I get in if i don't feed him again he goes mad and starts biting me. Due to this he gets fed twice a day. He eats a variety of foods from his eat sheet which we have. I give him as many garden weeds as possible but I do revert back to supermarket greens as they are in short supply.I sprinkle Komodo Premium tortoise vegetable diet on one of his meals every day. He also has a cuttlefish bone available at all times, but he has never tried to eat it. He used to eat a babycorn daily. This stopped once I realised they were meant to be a treat food.

I built him an garden run, I let him run around supervised on warm weekends.

He also frequently scratches the back of his shell on anything hard, and loves climbing over peoples legs

I am concerned with the back of his shell, it seems to have grown vertically down.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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