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Beak Growth

09 September 2012 - 06:06 PM

Hi guys, me AGAIN!!!

Now I know Im overly worried 90% of the time and I'm sure Herman does things on purpose just as I start to relax and think I'm doing ok but I noticed today that it looks like his beak is abit over grown, I can't upload a pic but I've looked on the Internet and its no we're near as bad as any I've seen, just a little tiny bit sticking out looking like there's a little gap between his top and bottom beak.
Is this normal or is is due to something I'm doing wrong??

Mating Problem :-/

02 September 2012 - 06:25 PM

Hi guys quick question

I've been given a female tort (my male seems sure she is a she) Shea been quarantined and everything but they are mating already.
She is 2 and he is 3 so I know they are not mature enough yet but does that mean that my male can't produce sperm so she won't get pregnant or that they shouldn't even be mating?
It is the 1st day so if it carries on I will separate them

The Old Viv Vs Table/outside Debate

21 August 2012 - 08:34 PM

Hi everyone, sorry to start this debate AGAIN lol but I genuinely want to know what's best for my much loved little man
I have a 3 year old hermanns male that I keep in a viv. Ive had him about a year now and he was in a terrible state, hes one of those poor torts that came from a slovenian farm( we didnt know this until after purchase, we were told he was bread on site) and had a very dull, soft shell and a terrible diet, he was very sluggish and lazy too. Im glad to report that with lots of tlc, calcium, proper diet and vet/ specialist care he is now a happy healthy little boy :-)
Anyway his viv is currently 4ft by 3ft and so has plenty of space for the correct temp gradient he needs. The viv will be upgraded as he grows, no expense spared. He even has a ramp so he CAN look over the ledge and out of the glass, he often sits and looks out, no scratching or head butting,he genuinely seems to enjoy seeing what's going on and even walks up ready to come out for his daily run after his breakfast.

The humidity isn't a problem for me as he does not have a water bowl in his viv, he gets bathed once every other day. Hermanns in the wild store water in their legs as they are not used to having daily access to water so it's not cruel or inhumane its actually more normal for him than having a bowl ( the reason humidity is an issue in vivs and the cause for respiratory problems and shell rot) . I get all my advice from a tortoise specialised vet and a lady that runs a rescue centre. And have been told my little man is one of the healthiest and happiest they have ever seen.
I have a few questions for people keeping their torts in tables and outside(not having a dig or an argument just generally interested in people's views)
- how do you know what your temps are and how consistent they are with an open top table, surely it is like trying to heat a house with no roof?

- how is the great British weather anyway like the natural habitat of a med tortoise? my tort does go outside on very hot days for a few hours.

- in English gardens, torts become exposed to things they do not come into contact with in their natural habitat (British slugs, domestic cat urine, car fumes, grass feed etc, so how can they have any immunity to any of this if they come I to contact)

- surely a table where the tort cannot see anything but four walls is much more stressful for them than glass? I understand that some torts try and walk through it and can get stressed but I don't see how being able to see nothing at all is any better?

I understand that many people go by the tortoise trust infomation but it is seen by many professionals as being very out dated. Things have changed with tort keeping since the 50's and so have vivs.
Really don't want to argue or bitch on here, just totally interested :-)