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Thanks To Everyone!

28 January 2017 - 08:15 PM

Hi all, just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who has offered their expert advice, guidance and support on here, my Darwin successfully went through his first hibernation (10 weeks) only losing 1 gram after his wind down from start at 617grams to finish at 616grams, I followed advice from you guys despite my nerves and it paid off, he was eating and drinking just 2 hours after coming out and rambling around happily after his time in the fridge, I will keep all my hibernation notes and fortnightly weights that I gathered for next year where hopefully all being well I will have to miss him for 12 weeks (planning on increasing slowly)
Thanks again x

How Long Should I Hibernate For?

29 October 2016 - 12:23 PM

Hi all,

I was wondering what duration I should be looking at for my tortoises first hibernation, I have had him 3 years but always chickened out of hibernating and chose to overwinter indoors instead.
He is 6 years old and captive bred, I have had him 3 years and would imagine he probably has never done this before, I have checked his weight, length etc and he is bang on perfect looking at Jacksons ratio, he started his wind down a couple of days ago so planning if all goes well to have him in fridge in 3 weeks time, everything regarding the fridge is set up ready, obviously I will be monitoring his weight weekly throughout and presuming I don't need to bring him out due to too much weight loss or other problem, how many weeks should I be aiming for on his first hibernation?


Help... Tortoise Weight Advice Needed

29 October 2016 - 10:14 AM

​Hi, please can anyone advise me...


​I have a 6 year old male Hermann tortoise called Darwin, he appears to me to be very healthy and fairly active given the time of year with no signs of illness.

​I have been reluctant to hibernate him since owning him (3 years) and have always overwintered him indoors, however, I have this year decided it is the right thing to do and have spent a long time reading up and getting prepared for hibernating him this year using the fridge method.

​I stopped feeding him 2 days ago as per the wind down plan, I always weigh him regularly and he is bathed every morning where he regularly wees and sometimes poos, he has always continued to grow and gain weight slowly but surely since owning him. as I said he looks well, has a really great shell with no signs of pyramiding etc.

​My problem is I have never actually looked his condition up on the Jacksons ratio as I never thought there was an issue, however I thought this morning (for some reason, probably due to my nervousness around hibernating him for the first time!) to check he was okay ready for hibernation and he is coming out VERY low and not suitable for hibernation due to being underweight.

​I have double and triple checked his measurement and weight which are as follows... shell length = 16cm exactly and weight = 648 grams. Ratio result comes out as 0.15 I think??? unless I am doing something wrong.

​My other issue is that I don't know where I am going wrong in the first place and why he is so underweight.

​Please help