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28 July 2013 - 10:33 AM

Hey all,


It has been a while since I've been here.... Speedy has a weepy eye right now :(


I'm treating it with salt water and just yesterday/this morning, I've seen a massive improvement. :D

The swelling on his lower eyelid has gone down, and it's not weeping as

So, the Jacuzzi is drained and out of bounds and emergency cleanout Friday morning.


By process of elimination, the infection could have been located to the Jacuzzi.

As Speedy uses this quite a lot, both as a bath and toilet, he may have got the infection from there.

The water temperature only goes to 30c - a perfect temperature to breed bacteria.

I clean and change the water every 7-9 days.


Plan of Action:

1) Add a pre-filter to lower the amount of mud that enters the bio filter;

2) Add a post-bio filter UV sterilizer to control any bacterial matter in the water that the bio filter may not have broken down.


...and if it re-occurs, the Jacuzzi may have to be removed. :'(

Speedy loves it and can be found splashing about and making a muddy puddle in there!! Now, he just keeps going in and out of the dry pool and putting his head down :(


Chester (our cat that got run over) has made a fantastic recovery, considering £4,500 was spent repairing his:

Shattered Hip, Pelvic Fractures, and Shattered Right Tibia. His right leg sticks out when he sits, but this can be repaired (when the insurance is renewed :D). He's walking and running around, climbing and playing with Billy (the older cat) like it never happened.


I would like to thank all the staff at Langford University Animal Hospital and highly recommend them for all animals. They have some of the best equipment and experienced/specialised veterinarians in the country. When none of the other animal hospitals would touch Chester's injuries, they opened the door and performed a miracle, seeming as half way through the main operation found the shattered tibia - if they had found it before, they would have had to put him to sleep. The Surgeon told us that they had never performed such a complex procedure as they did on Chester and as a result of their hard efforts, he has become a case study for students to learn from.


I need to finish the doors and re-seal the levels as they dried and contracted - there's mud on the lounge floor... Oops.

I also need to make the user interface idiot-proof.


And... I have been looking at taking Speedy 'off-grid' with a solar-power system... Maybe in a few months when funds become available :D


If anyone needs help with the electrical side of looking after tortoises (lights, fans, heaters, timers etc...) just drop me a PM.


Jay. :)

In Topic: 2-Tier Tables

03 March 2013 - 07:59 PM

The digital meter is calibrated from factory and comes with a solution sachet to re-calibrate it if neccesarry. The strips I have are some cheap generic narrowband strips (pH 5.5 to pH 9.0). The universal indicator I have is also narrowband - for use with aquarium water testing (pH 5.5 to pH 11.0. I'm looking at a book of strips at the moment, might buy some and see if the digital meter (which seems to be quite accurate). As much as I'd like to use neat tap water, I wanted to make the water last longer in the waterfall-come-jacuzzi. Thanks Jessie, I'm going to have to look at other means to monitor water pH. I'm just struggling a bit at the moment, as with 3 different methods of pH detection, they all seem to give readings that aren't near each other!!

In Topic: 2-Tier Tables

03 March 2013 - 11:15 AM

Hi Jessie,


The water produced is quite acidic, therefore the balance needs to be restored or exceeded. Pure R/O water should NOT be used for consumption as it can cause acidosis, where the body tries to balance the acidic levels by dissolving the calcium in bones and teeth, and a tortoise being mostly of bone material, may rot his shell... I've balanced the water between pH 7.5 - 8.75.


Actually Jessie, I'm finding it difficult to identify the pH of low TDS water - my universal liquid pH identifies the R/O water as being acidic (6.5), but my digital pH meter reads alkali (10.5). I've used strip indicators as a medium, but they report 8.0... Which one is most accurate by your experience?


My poor little cat (Chester) has been hit by a car this weekend, it's not as bad as when the big cat (Billy) was hit. Billy suffered much more than Chester, but survived and is healthy now... Chester fractured his femur and the socket in his pelvis, so he's currently being looked after by the amazing vets at VetsNow/PDSA Hospital in Bristol. He's stable and comfortable, but he's awaiting transfer to the Animal Hospital for an operation :'( I'm glad Speedy doesn't go out that far.


So, I'm still looking for time to get the doors on and finalising the software :o


I've re-plumbed the waterfall, as it was quite noisy and I think it scared him into using it. One of the drains has become the feed, which can cause problems with airlocks, but it only happens when a mini-whrilpool is created on the drain-side.


Now for more delevopment pics.....


Pic 1: Installing the Controls

Pic 2: Wiring the Controls

Pic 3: Downstairs

Pic 4: Speedy Upstairs

Pic 5: Original Waterfall

Pic 6: Upstairs

Pic 7: Touchscreen User Interface (Incomplete)


Hopefully, I should be back on the project soon, to finish what I started :)


Jay :)

In Topic: Heat Lamp Problems

12 February 2013 - 09:03 PM

Hi mel, what gives way first, the bulb or the fuse in the plug? 75w / 240v = 0.31A consumption. Is your household prone to blowing lightbulbs?

Jay :)

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12 February 2013 - 08:28 PM

+1 on Ozric's comments.

I've got 32-36c at the basking spot dependant on the ambient room temperature and 17-21c in the cool area during daytime hours. Overnight, our house can get as low as 16c before the heating kicks in.