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2-Tier Tables

28 September 2012 - 11:40 PM

Hey all!

It's been a while since I've had time to visit. I'm currently building a new tortoise table for little Speedy, who is doing fine. Apart from the non-compliant/destructive behaviour in rebellion for my promises made three months ago, I've been forced into building him a new table earlier than I can afford.

Has anyone built/seen/owned a 2-tier tortoise table?
Does their tortoise explore both levels?
Is this a first?
Or not recommended?

This is the specification:
2-Tier tortoise table constructed from Hardwood Decking, sealed with vivarium sealant, painted and varnished with Water-Based paints, with stairs-landing-stairs access configuration. Galvanized Mesh to keep the cats out. 700mm x 1250mm ground floor, 700mm x ~625mm 1st floor area. Have not finished the build, don't know how high it will be.

Ground Floor:
- Waterfall Feature on ground floor, including Bathing Pool, Water Filtration Kit and Digital Variable Water Heater with overheat protection.
- Air Cooling system to take ambient room temperature down 5 degrees below to assist maintaining 10c difference in high ambients.
- Low power Dimmable Ligthing to simulate daylight conditions.
- Rocks and Bark from current enclosure.

First Floor:
- Basking Zone using MegaRay 100w Combined Lamp.
- 100w Ceramic Heater to assist with low ambient temperatures.
- Water Dish for hydration.
- Rocks and Bark from current enclosure.

Control Automation:
- Light Level Sensor to control Lighting on-off timing to simulate sunrise conditions with 12-hour on timer.
- Humidity monitoring.
- 8-point Temperature Monitoring with Heating Control.
- Lighting and Heating overheat protection via automatic shutdown.
- Waterfall Heater and Pump interlocks prevents operation in low water flow and water heater overheat conditions.
*consider - Variable Lighting positioning (Lower/Raise Bulb according to ambient temperature/light level)

- Mini ITX PC with 10.4" Industrial Touch Screen running Windows 7 Professional with 1-touch manual override, access to settings, monitored points, fault diagnosis, overlay graphing and customised data display screens.
- WiFi, Secure VNC and VPN for remote monitoring/system administration via the Internet.
- Emerson Einstein Facility Management System to provide main control and logging data for up to 6 months+
- Crouzet Mini PLC to provide backup control in the event of main controller failure.
- Uninteruptable Power Supply to provide up to 4 hours of mains failure.

Price: Open to offers... ;)

The picture was taken during light, about 3 hours before I stopped work after tripping over the Mitre saw.

So, do you think it's over the top?
More to the point, who would like one? :)

Jay :)