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1 Extra Week ?

01 March 2016 - 08:40 PM

Hi Daisy has now done 11 weeks yesterday, it is her 3rd hibernation she hasn't lost any weight stayed the same throughout, Im just wondering if and extra week would be OK as I'm going away next week and dont want to wake her up then leave her to my neighbour who generally pops in each day to see to her if I'm away, she will pop in a couple of times to open fridge for air.
Thanks ☺

What To Do ?

30 July 2015 - 04:06 PM

HI I'm after a bit of advice, currently Daisy is outside which attached to enclosure she has a fully insulated house, which she generally uses to sleep in each night, recently when she goes outside she has taken to digging down, and as the weather has been wet and cold lately I've been getting her back out and putting her in to her house I'm not  sure if have I confused her by doing this should I have just left her? and on the days it cold I have been putting her heat lamp on for a few hours each day to get her going, the last couple of days she's not been very fussy about eating and has come out today appears to have not ate anything and dug quiet a way under one of the little shrubs I have in.


My question is do I leave her? If so for how long? also am I doing the wrong thing by putting her lamp on (which I only put on  on cloudy/cold days.)   any advice please..  thanks.