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Im Feeling Like A Failure :(

27 February 2013 - 03:43 PM

I have not posted for a while, but was having lots of problems keeping my 6 month old (now) active, maintaing ambient temperatures and sufficient light.   Munchkin has just wanted to do nothing but sleep, struggling to eat and I think the next month is critical.


I am cross that I was sold a baby without correct advice, and feel bad for him as I took him away from the other hatchlings in his clutch. 


I have also spent lots of money, trying new things, 2 tables, 4 different light set ups to pretty much avail.  


On monday I took the decision to buy a VIV which I know is wrong and not the best thing but using it more as an incubator and to ensure that he can have a controlled environment for the time being.   If/when I can get him bigger, stronger and more active I will be selling it at the earliest opportunity.   The tables are currently in the shed.  


Any special advice for a very small creature in a viv would be great fully received.   I am doing everything the same and it is 4 foot so I feel plenty big enough for him at the moment, I have put some wood in front of the glass as I know he wont like it, although at the moment he is interested in nothing :(


From a sad Clairybelle

Do Hatchlings Often Need Waking In The Morning.

05 December 2012 - 09:49 AM

Morning all

Hopefully this is just a quick query.

I have been having to wake Munchkin up the last few mornings, I think he would happily sleep all day if I let him. If he was older obviously he would be hibernating now.

Is this ok, and should I just keep waking him ?

I got up at 5am this morning and put the lamps on, thinking if it came on earlier he would be awake by the time we all got up but this didnt work. The temps do go a little low at night, so wondering if a red bulb would help just through this cold patch.

I look forward to some advice.

Many thanks


Yey Im Nearly A Nurse :-)

03 December 2012 - 06:02 PM

I am sooooo excited I had to share my news.

Today I submitted my last 2 essays which means I am at the end of my 3 year nursing course.

I have my fingers crossed that I pass, but I have been up since 8am yesterday finishing my work. I am too excited to sleep, and it means I have some time of to relax at home watching my baby tort :-)

I hope you don't mind me sharing :-)

Love Clairey x x

Do Captive Bred Tortoise's Really Prefer To Be Alone ?

25 November 2012 - 05:44 PM

I have a herman hatchling (August 2012), and ever since I have got Munchkin I can't help think that he would prefer a companion. I have contacted the dealer who we brought him from and she has said that they were incubated to be female, and there is another one from the same hatch. She also has new hatchlings arriving this week.

(1) Is it better to have same breed from same hatch ? Im thinking that as similar size they wont squash the other.

(2) Is the incubation period pretty guaranteed ? I know that if they are wrong then I will need a 2 enclosures.

(3) Do I just get over my "thing" that I hate seeing animals alone and that munchkin is fine on her own. At the moment it does not seem to be much more work with the 2nd one, so at least she will be getting a nice new home.

Any advice please would be very grateful :-)

Clairey :-)

Very Sad Horsefield In Pet Shop :-(

23 October 2012 - 07:14 PM

I popped to the local garden centre today which also holds a pet store. This shop has always sold rabbits, budgies and gold fish and i was surprised to see 2 horsefield torts for sale. They were in a 2 ft full glass encounter, on tortoise pellets surface, with a plate of fruity pellets with cabbage, plastic plants, a cave which was to small they couldnt get in it.

One tortoise had very dry skin, and was shreading skin all over. It also had a bad eye.

My 10 year old son (who is learning all about tortoises) managed to pin point all the potential problems, no cold area, no thermometer, wrong food and begged me to say something. He asked the assistant how old they were and the assistant replied 3 months. There were much bigger than my 3 month old.

We brought our soil and went back and a young girl was there, we were brave and said we were worried and she was really pleasant and happy to hear what we thought some of the problems were. She said they had been there for ages as no one has brought one, and said it was the only place for them. I asked about bathing and she knew nothing about this, so suggested she gave them a nice long soak. She then spoke to her superior (who had told Huey they were 3 months old) when he then said they were there before he started employment there 4 months ago !!!!!!!!!! He sadly was not that interested, I did say I was no expert but kindly suggested they looked on the internet for some advice. I will try and upload a couple of sneeky pictures, and be grateful for any advice as I would be happy to report it further if experts on here felt there was imminent risk.

The vivs and cages for all the animals were clean, as before the young girl seemed very caring and was going to bath them straight away but got told to help elsewhere. Huey went back to see if the chap was doing it, but to no avail.

I dont know much about shredding, and a very new owner myself. Hopefully I have grasped the basics of good basic care.

Clairey x xx