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Shell Advice Please

05 August 2017 - 09:01 AM

Morning all,

I was giving Queenie her bath this morning, she has one 3 times a week, i was drying her off when I noticed some problems with her shell. It looks like part of her shell underneath has come off, I'm really sad and anxious to see this.

She has been completely fine in herself and this must have only happened within the last week as i check her regularly. 


Her appetite is great, in fact you would think i starve her the way she rushes across to her food each morning! I was a little concerned recently that she wasn't going to the toilet as regularly as she used too, but this seems to have returned to normal. 

She has a really good and varied diet. 


Do you think she could have just caught her shell on some rocks in her enclosure?


i have included two pictures here, hopefully you can see this as my camera wasn't great!


I was worried about shell rot, but i really cant see how she would get this. 


Any help would be really appreciated today as I am worried now :(


Thank you,