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Temporary Tortoise Accomodation

09 December 2012 - 10:28 PM

Hi All,

I'm considering how we may build a temporary house for our little tort should we go away for a night and we can bring him with us. We have a little 2-3 month old hermann and would like to stay at my mothers house and Christmas eve and for Xmas Day. I've kept hold of a large cardboard box which would give him enough space to live in for a short amount of time, we'd be able to get him out plenty too. I can layer this box with bark and sand for him.

I was considering getting a UV lamp, something like the Hagen-Terra-Solar-Simulating-Lamp on amazon and attaching it to the box with a clip like http://www.amazon.co...55091182&sr=8-5

It seems to replicate what he has in his normal home but would be light weight and transportable.

What do people think, what else do people do with this issue for little torts?

Thank you for any advice

Welcome From Sid

07 December 2012 - 06:40 PM

Hi All,

We acquired our first tortoise, Sid, last weekend. He seems to be settling in fine. Seems to be quite lazy but once you get him up and about he becomes lovely and active :) Feeding him mainly vegatables so far but will purchase a weed growing set to give him a bit more variety.

We have the breeder we purchased him off as a fall back for any worrying first owner questions we have but I also wanted to find a decent forum I could post tortoise related things on and came across this one. People seem nice and friendly on here so thought I should say hi :)