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Henry's New House

27 February 2013 - 03:42 PM

Well Henry is now happily at home in his new table - he spent about 30 seconds in his bed before coming out to explore, ate all his dinner, had a bit of a bask and a mooch and went back to bed! :D It's not as big as I'd like but it's about 3 times the size of his old home, and he'll be able to go outside pretty soon with a bit of luck! :)

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Cheers, Z

Giant Poop, Shed And Bath Time

27 February 2013 - 11:37 AM

Hi guys,

Can I ask a couple of questions as I'm still having daily panics about Henry (he's 10)? :)

Firstly, he's got a big piece of shed skin on the back of his neck (it's pretty much the whole of his neck) - its been there since we got him 2 weeks ago - will this cause him any problems if we leave it to come off naturally? If it could cause any problems how long should we leave it? I was thinking of gently encouraging it with a cotton bud - probably when he's in the bath?

Is it normal for tortoises to sleep in the bath? He regularly closes his eyes in the bath and seems to doze off!

How much do torts poop? He got me a bit worried as he did a poop in the bath this morning which was about 3" x 1"! He's only done little bits before. I think he's feeling better for getting it out though. :D

Oh - and does the big long purple pointing thing that he stuck out whilst doing said poop mean Henry is a boy after all?

Thanks! :)

Newbie In Need Of Advice

18 February 2013 - 11:33 AM

Hi all,

We inherited my stepdaughters tortoise (Henry) a few days ago, and having read up since he arrived I'm a bit concerned. I believe my stepdaughters mum has been following care advice she received for the pet shop she bought him at for the 10 years they have had him - I'm attempting to attach a photo of his current living conditions, and a couple of close ups of Henry him(or her)self.

He's been living in a vivarium, which to my eyes is a pretty small and boring place to spend a few days let alone years - plus I now understand its not really a suitable environment for a tortoise anyway, so we are planning to build a tortoise table about 40" x 24" - would that be an ok size? If not can we add a 2nd storey with a ramp?

Henry's shell seems quite bumpy and tall to me, and it is flared at the bottom. Is he pyramiding? If so, is there anything I can do to reverse the effects?

Henry also seems very inactive, although he has started scrabbling at the corner of his 'cage' since he had a bath today. I'm also concerned he doesn't seem to be able to lift his weight with his back legs - but I'm finding it difficult to tell as he doesn't move much!

He doesn't seem to eat much either. We're planning on gradually changing his diet from mainly shop bought salad and veg to mainly weeds, and when his tortoise table is built we're planning on including a couple of rocks, a log, a house to hide in and some vegetation when we work out what's best to plant - and a couple of inches of substrate once we work out what we should best use!

Any advice would be much appreciated, especially on his current state of health and how we can make him happier and healthier!

Many thanks,

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