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Indoor Enclosure Feedback

20 March 2013 - 05:19 PM

Hello all,
I've already got an "outdoor enclosure" thread...here is the indoor one.
I'm looking to get a tortoise table made from plywood (4'x2'x10"). It is pretty much this one:
With the hide at the end of the table. I'm going to varnish it with yacht varnish, line it with pond liner, and more than likely go down the 50:50 top soil:sand route. To which I would add all the decorations/plants/etc. 
Lighting/heating I would be looking to get a combination bulb on a zoo-med lamp stand.
On paper, does this look like a decent set-up? Any feedback and criticism would be much appreciated!
Kind regards,

Outdoor Enclosure Feedback

20 March 2013 - 05:14 PM

Hello all,
After hours upon hours of reading, I've decided to take the plunge and start planning for the purchase of my first pet tortoise (Hermann). I'm in the process of getting all the housing sorted before I get it, I just need some feedback to make sure I'm the right track.
I'm going to make another thread for the indoor enclosure too.
This enclosure idea I'm slightly unsure about.
To begin with, the enclosure would be set in a raise bed like this (10ftx4ft):
I can source that same raised bed for around £50.
Inside this raised bed would be:
- Substrate: 5-10% gray gravel (keeps in heat far better?), 40-45% top soil and 50% play sand
- A cold frame to keep the temperature up, I cannot decide between:
A design like this:
The cold frame would be approx 2-4ftx4ft, which leaves around 6-8ft outdoor space (which would hold rocks/plants and a large grazing patch (approx 1m sq) with naturally grown weeds and flowers.
- Also standard hide like this:
Now would this hide go inside the cold frame, or do I keep it out? A bit of a daft question, but if the tortoise was in the "grazing" patch, and wanted to go into the cold frame, would I need to cut a hole, or would I need to carry him/her in all the time?
The whole things minus the cold frame (with the hide inside?), would be protected by something like this:
Right, I do apologise for the long post, and all the questions and I hope it all makes sense, but any feedback and criticism would be much appreciated!
I want to get it all sorted well before I purchase the little guy  and I want to try and replicate both enclosures to its natural habitat as much as possible.
Kind regards,