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Last Few Questions Please?

12 December 2013 - 06:34 PM

Getting ready to hibernate Aloysius & Ulysses- yearlings that were hibernated by Sue (Wizzas mum ) last year as mentioned in previous post. Fridge all sorted & temps good.
Just a few more questions please-
Is it ok to put them in a separate 'Tupperware' boxes with lids on & holes drilled in top, inside a cardboard box with polystyrene in between? Topsoil to burrow down into- should this be left dry? Should I worry about humidity?
I believe they should only be wound down for 2-3 weeks?- so which bit do I shorten - if you get what I mean?! Do I still spend about a week reducing heat/ light?

Is it 'normal' that they should be more active now than they've been since I got them? - up all day stomping about & then not settling down until light goes off? (I did have to replace my bulb recently & this one is higher wattage?!)

Thankyou so much for your help.

Weights Prior To Hibernation

02 December 2013 - 08:24 PM

Have had my two yearlings since August (got them from Sue Wizzasmum) but thought I'd put my questions on here so that they might help others (rather than contacting Sue directly).
Sue hibernated them last year & I am coming up to the time to make a decision as to whether to do the same this year. I have larder fridge, boxes & thermometers etc.
They are in a tortoise table with soil & coco- fibre substrate with heat/ light lamp & temps at 30-32 & 18 presently lamp on for 12 hrs/ day. Both bathed daily. Weed only diet with supplements.

Aloysius (A) is very active gets himself up & potters around all day, eating voraciously.
Weights 170813 44g
140913 42g
121013 45g
161113 53g
So took a while to settle but has now put on a lot of weight suddenly- restricting weeds now!! Worried that's much too fast & could affect his shell?!

Ulysses (U) only really gets up when I wake him, basks for about 20mins, eats ok & then digs down again.
Weights 170813 48g
140913 50g
121013 48g
161113 54g
So I think that weight gain is ok?

Advice would be much appreciated. I believe at this age/ weight they would only need 2 weeks wind down & 8 weeks hibernation. So thinking of putting them in fridge at end of December.

Any Ideas Please?

27 August 2013 - 08:25 PM

Hello- anyone any ideas as to what this is? It's growing in my garden (& therefore likely to be a weed?!!) & I do see it whilst out walking.
Thanks Kate

Quick Question From Me Now!

27 August 2013 - 02:26 PM

Have only had my Torts for 10 days- they're in an indoor rabbit cage that I carry outside until I can build outdoor enclosure.
At the moment their lamp comes on at 0700- I leave them until nicely warmed up & then bath them & take them out at 1000ish. The place where I'm putting them in the garden loses the direct sun at about 1715.
My question is - do I leave them outside whilst its still bright & warm (even though theyre in the shade) or bring them back in & get them under lamp again? I am giving them Nekton MSA daily (they are yearlings).
Thanks Kate.

Aloysius & Ulysses!

25 August 2013 - 07:02 PM

Here are my 2 new Torts.
Aloysius has the cute little arrow on his back - this is them both having their morning bath.
I have pinched someone's idea about clipping weeds to a bull-dog clip to make them 'work' harder for their food - seems to work well so thankyou!!