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Is This Tortoise A Leopard ?

29 January 2014 - 09:36 PM


I have been  offered a tortoise by a freind who no longer wants to keep him.

She is very sure it is not a leopard breed, and was told by shop that it is a slow growing small breed tortoise...... but she cant remember the breed.

I think the information is very wrong and looking on the internet I am just assuming it is a leopard.  He is big about 9/10 inches  long maybe 7 inches wide very tall to, Iam not sure if his shell is deformed due to diet, any info is needed before we make a big decision to take on this big tortoise and it seems they get even bigger and heavy from the info I have read


Please correct me if Iam wrong Thanks XAttached File  timmy.png   511.27KB   3 downloads

Elderly Tortoise....worried About Hibernation

01 October 2013 - 08:18 PM



Iam new to this forum, and would appreciate any advise I can get on our tortoise "Tommy" we have had him for 9 years with no real problems, he is quite old now we got him from a friend who did not want him anymore. We don't know his real age but is about 75 years old but we have noticed this year he has not been eating as well as he normally does even when its been nice and warm, he sleeps alot, generally looking at him he seems fine. But we are worried he has not eaten enough to sustain him through the winter ahead.  We would love to know.


Is this old age and normal for a tortoise  ?? Should we hibernate him this year or not ?? Should we take to the vets to be looked at ? Any advise would be helpful


Thanks very much