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Outside Enclosure

11 April 2014 - 10:03 AM

So I've put my two out in their new enclosure. I still need to sort out a little greenhouse for them and I'm still waiting for some hebe cuttings to root. But they do like the Duplo hide. Mulbs has buried herself though as I think its not quite war enough for her. Its 14, with some lovely sun. :) Its going to drop to 3 overnight so I will probs bring them in tonight...

Outside Home Planning

06 February 2014 - 12:47 PM

It being practically spring and all ; ).. I want to start planning the outside enclosure for my two yearlings. I intend this first outside enclosure to be only for about 4years (till age 5) then I'm planning a large 5m by 5m enclosure where the kid's play area is currently is (the kids are 16 and 11 so growing out of this). So this first enclosure I was thinking about a 6ft by 3ft or 6ft by 6ft raised bed type set up. I'm not that good with DIY but ok. I want to find untreated wood so I don't poison my little babies and I'm not to worried about longevity because this will only be for a few years tops. There is a regular fox visitor to the garden so I will also need a lid to keep them secure.


Plan= buying a raised bed kit then constructing a lid out of trellis, chicken wire and hinges. I can find untreated timbers/sleepers but no kits as they all seem to be treated. And the trellis seems all to be treated.


I'm confident putting kits together and doing the lid/trellis set up but would not be confident doing sawing etc.


Am I being over cautious re treated wood?? I've seen others have used decking etc.


Any suggestions? I'm a little bit cautious as I spent a lot of money on a beautiful wooden tortoise table that rotted despite me using pod liner etc. and 4 coats of safe varnish. It was also difficult to clean and heavy. Now my indoor enclosure is made from a large plastic underbed storage box (very easy to clean) (£22), a bos clamp stand (straight from the science lab (£18)) and a hide made out of a old milk carton.  




22 October 2013 - 01:30 PM

I've got two 1year old Hermmans. I've tried them on lots from the garden and they like some things and don't like others. For this over winter I have a number of things growing in seed trays in my green house (very slowly). Anyhow i have a large Hebe bush and they seem to really like the leaves so I was pretty happy about this as its evergreen and would be easy to grab even if its snowing etc. On the TT plant guide it says Hebe flowers and leaves fine to feed. But elsewhere i've seen it say only flowers and also that its good to plant in enclosures because torts dont usually eat it. Don't want to resort to bagged salad as a friend had two die within 24hrs of eating it. So i'm pretty cautious about anything not from my garden! Even too scared to get plantain from the park even though there is enough to feed a small army of tortoises for several years because I'm worried it might be sprayed.

What are you views?!

New Mummy Worries...

30 September 2013 - 05:33 PM

I'm a new owner - 10days. I have two year old hatchlings and they couldn't be more different! Basically one is really active, eats well, has a flat wide shell & poops regularly. The other is well erm lazy. She eats slightly less than the other and basically sleeps most of the time. She is only active for a few minutes at a time and then sleeps. No escape efforts/climbing. The other is active on a number of occasions during the day which would be several hours. They both get regular baths. The lazy one is also more dome shaped and i've never seen her poop. The other one poops in the bath. Miss active totally buries herself when she sleeps. Sleepyhead just slightly buries her front end.

Miss active is 50mm and 34 or 36g depending on time of day/bath or not (she actually looks bigger than the other). Whereas sleepyhead is 53mm and 41 or 43g. She is noticeably heavier to pick up. I'm worried that shes too heavy or really constipated! I've not taken them to the vet yet as i wanted them to settle in before i took them. Both are interested and look at me.