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End Of Wind Down - Torty Still Active - Advice Please.

20 December 2014 - 11:18 AM

Hi All,


I was hoping for some advice from someone more experienced than me please.  I have a young tortoise (around 150 grams) who is approaching the end of his wind down period, I plan to put him in the fridge in the next couple of days for hibernation.


This is my first tortoise and this is the first time I will hibernate him (or her?) - last year I overwintered him because I had just bought him. 


I have meticulously followed advice and instruction on the wind down period - no food, reducing lighting in a systematic manner, bathing regularly, etc.  He's well hydrated and at a stable weight having only lost a few grams.


The little bugger won't stop moving.  I come home after work and I can see that he's been marching around his table all day as his water bowls are filthy.  I can see him scrabbling around now!  He hasn't eaten in almost three weeks - how can this be possible?  Everything I read is telling me the same thing; that tortoise should be staying in his hiding place. Not this guy!


Does anybody else have this problem?


The only thing I can think of is that he may be too warm - even though we have switched off his basking lights now, the ambient temperature has been unusually warm this year.


Any advice for a newbie?  Thank you in advance.