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Sick Leopard

18 November 2015 - 08:45 PM

Iam after some advise. I have a 10 year old male leopard tortoise. We rescued him several years ago and he has been 100% healthy barring the last two weeks.
The last two weeks he has become increasingly lethargic, more than previous years. He's off his food and I can only get him to drink on the bath. His stools are very poor and mainly a fluid. He's really struggling now bless him and is very weak. I took him to a vet that was reccomended by our normal vet as a exotic specialist and they have put him on a six day course of antibiotics (now three days into course). But he's not showing any signs of improvement at all. What's worrying me mostly is When I bath him weI noticed a lot of clear mucas coming from his mouth. I was literally pulling it out bless him. But it's only noticeable when he's in the water. and after talking to the vet today he wants to give the meds until next week before doing an X-Ray. He's also starting to make a strange barking or coughing noise every now and then.
about a month ago I put him and his mate into there new table 8ft X 4ft and used a substrate of sterile topsoil and sand mix with a 3ft area of planted grasses and weeds for when the feel peckish. But he was always happier on 3mm coral sand. So I have set up his separate table back on this just to try familiar things. In the summer he spends Most of his time in a the garden. Ive upped his basking point to 35 degrees and increased his uv to 12hrs a day in the hope it will help. The garage were the tables are is also heated and never drops below 18 degrees ambient...
Any advise please would be most welcome as Iam starting to get concerned for the wee man now...
Thankyou in advance.