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So Happy! - Well Done Macey! :)

03 May 2014 - 12:35 PM

Macey was brought up on pellets by the garden centre I brought him from and today was the first time he managed to eat a whole dandelion leaf, and he loved it! :D :) so proud of him, finally eating the right things! :) x

Hiya- Im New And Wanting To Ask Some Questions :)

30 April 2014 - 08:43 PM

Hello everyone,


I really could do with some help please  :)

I got a Russian Tortoise (Macey) in November 2013 and got him as a baby, I'm not too sure when his actual birthday is, but the place where I got him from, which was a garden centre, told me the wrong information about them and I have been struggling with something's ever since. I first had a tortoise table and then got told it was wrong, so I changed to a vivarium and now I'm so glad that I have found this forum, as you all seem like you know what your talking about and I'm now going to change back to a tortoise table. Am I doing the right thing? (I'm worried, because I've heard so many different things)


I also got told to feed Macey on tortoise pellets, as that's what he had been brought up on. So I gave him a few pellets everyday, along with veg and a small amount of fruit. Me and my mum then took him to the vets, and he said that he was very healthy and a good weight for his size and age, although I got told to only feed him veg and no pellets, as he was being fussy. So I have done what was advised, but he just doesn't seem to want to eat much of any veg. What should I do?


Sorry its so long; I'm just really worried about him :(

One more thing, Macey is still small and for now he's got a 3ft by 1.5ft viv (which will be converted to a tortoise table.) My idea is to build bigger and bigger tables as he grows (he does have loads of space to move around at the minute though) Will this be ok for him?


sorry for so many questions I just really need a helping hand. Please help :)  Thank you x