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In Topic: Hello Hermann Husbandries.

09 June 2014 - 02:47 AM

Sorry Sue for the additional question. I feel like we are both becoming a blight here!

I purchased the Nekton MSA recently as suggsted, though I noticed it had a 2:1 Ca:P ratio (compared to Nutrobals 46:1) though does contain Lisine which I believe helps with the absorption process (and of course with the aid of the extra Vit D). If we were to suppliment this powder everday, should we include calcium dust along side to increase the ratio (I'm not sure if it will prohibit the mineral absorption) or just some extra bits of culttle fish for him to nibble on through out the day?

Perhaps I am over thinking this ;)

Many thanks, Jon

In Topic: Hello Hermann Husbandries.

09 June 2014 - 02:37 AM

Hey Sue


Not sure why it didn't occur to us that minerals would take longer to absorb than that but it makes perfect sense so perhaps it is simply habit based. He has tiny little limestone gravel mixed in with his substrate which he ravished when it was first included, not so much now (think he likes the challenge of a bigger rock now). We've experienced the string poop too...one of my hairs made a tasty meal at some point and make a rather interesting exit :/


Thanks for that info, most enlightening :)


Jen x

In Topic: Poor Leopard Tort

09 June 2014 - 01:47 AM

Hi guys


While I agree that there is much debate regarding correct care of tortoises, when it comes to law the differences are not that dissimilar to a cat (tinned or fresh food, indoor or outdoor, multi or single cat households etc). The law see's common sense, i.e malnutrition, inadequate living space, protection from pain, access to vet care. The law doesn't nitpick over vivarium vs terrarium because a vivarium in itself is not abuse/neglect (you could for example have a football pitched sized viv with fans for heat gradients and substrate shipped from a Sicilian wild tortoise nest). The law will look at whether the animal is healthy and functioning as a result of the care provided. My suspicion is that the reason we don't hear of animal welfare cases with more exotic pets than cats or dogs is because people are under the impression that different laws apply and are unsure of what can be done so don't report it. This isn't the case and when reported enforcement can be very effective. In a case such as this the animal would be removed and assessed by a vet, if healthy then returned, if unhealthy it may be re-homed or if in pain which cannot be treated it would be put down.


Hopefully this little guy can still have a pretty awesome life whatever happens though, mistreated as it may be...it is exceedingly adorable


Jen x

In Topic: Poor Leopard Tort

06 June 2014 - 01:37 PM

This really sad :(

It seems in violation of the "Animal Welfare Act 2006". Has this been reported? Are there any charities that can help in these cases as well?



In Topic: Hello Hermann Husbandries.

06 June 2014 - 12:14 PM

Thanks Sue

We think the rock biting is more likely mineral related as he does actually swallow them whole. Larger rocks he tends to bite and peck at but any pebble that fits in his mouth is destined for consumption. He seems to stop trying to eat them for a few days if we give him an extra vionate boost.


If he is still growing should we be giving him additional supplement? Perhaps closer to the amount given a juvenile?


Jen x