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Fantastic Article On Wild Hermanns

06 June 2014 - 02:35 PM

Hi all


We came across this more recent article (2011) which is very well reseacrched and cited. It contains almost everything you want to know about Hermanns in the wild including growth, development and habitat. Well worth a read.



Research was carried out by the "Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group" (http://www.iucn-tftsg.org/).

(uploaded a copy, just incase anyone has difficulty with the link).


Hello Hermann Husbandries.

15 May 2014 - 01:15 AM

Thought we'd introduce ourselves and our Tortoise, with a little back history.

My partner and I have recently come into the adoption of a 4 year old male Hermanns Tortoise with the inherant name of Mr T (I'm sure it's very original!). Unfortunately my partners sister was unable to take care of him any longer so we decided to take on the challenge of providing for his needs.

He seems to have a little pyramiding (we believe it was from his first year or two before my partners sister had him (looking at pictures of when she bought him) - we are not to sure the extent though (whether he has any shell curvature). Although apart from that, he's extremely lively and loves to chomp, everything.

We recently constructed a 4'x4' indoor enclosure, with a smaller 2'x1.5' additional platform (which we're currently building a suitable and safe ramp for him to use) as an attempt to hopefully encourage him to move around. His current setup includes an Arcadia 100W combination basking lamp and a 10% UV-B strip light (which is due for replacement (oldish; also I seem to read that 12% is more ideal than 10%!). His substrate is roughly 1:1 (soil:sand) with lime stone fragments (all sterilised). We seem to have an OK? temperature gradient setup from 31C-34C (at the highest basking temp from his shell) to 21C (at the opposite end of the table) with a humidity between 40%-60% (usually 50%~). We are currently rearranging his lighting setup to better spread UV-B (which all gets me confused!).

His food range includes a lot of various weeds (which we are currently growing specifically for him) and daily raw calcium supplement with a once a week "Nutribal".

I guess I should actually introduce ourselves now....  :blush:  (apologies for the rambling). Myself, I am 29 (Jon) and my partner 26 (Jen). We both are currently study (Oceanography) in Southampton and have an interest in natural sciences.

I'm hoping we can get to ask you all for information from your experience on how best to treat our new "child". ;) We know they can be tricking to look after so, hoping to get it right. Any comments about anything written here is completely fine!

Nice to meet you all! and hello :) .. and of course here's Mr T!


Jon and Jen.