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Herman Holding On To Eggs!

08 October 2014 - 11:43 AM



I have a 50 years + Female Hermann called Sammie! 


She spent last year with a friend of mine whilst I was away, My friend had a male Hermann and they did mate.


Sammie came back to us this year after hibernation, to just drop two eggs on the floor. They turned out to be infertile.


She has recently started to slow down ready for hibernating again, we thought we ought to get an x-ray done just to make sure she didn't have any further eggs. Low and behold she has 4 clearly seen on the x-ray. 


We have warmed her back up by setting up an indoor enclosure, where she has a nesting box with heat lamp, UVB lamp and she has started eating again.


We obviously aren't going to hibernate this year, but just wondered if anyone had any advice on getting her to lay the eggs?


Our vet is keen to give her a shot of oxytocin??? Has anyone used this before?


Any advice is greatly appreciated. :-)   AliAttached File  10409049_695622987196991_3210867035464700192_n (1).jpg   46.63KB   0 downloads