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23 August 2014 - 01:45 PM



Just wanted to say hi and its great to find this forum and ive realy enjoyed reading

through the topics and reading all the great advice

I have Willow a Hermanns tortoise who is a right funny little chap

He gives us hours of pleasure watching him stomp about .

Ive read tortoises are solitary animals and like being by themselves but I think each one must be individual.

 Willow most definatly loves our company and even runs to us when we go to his outside enclosure

He follows us around the garden and just seems to like being with us..He actually runs after my 5 year old daughter

in the garden which seems so strange 





Willow Enjoying Summer

23 August 2014 - 11:24 AM



Thought I would add some pics of willow who I bought 15 months ago from a pet shop

he was in a tiny vivarium and was up at the glass trying to find a way out (it looked like)

It played on my mind so I went back and bought him.. I was told by the shop he was a horsefield

and didn't need papers .. needless to say I later found out he was a hermanns and I should have had A10

certificate . I went back to the shop and mentioned this and they said they were told he was a horsfield

and he had just been brought into the shop.. I was fuming about it and reported them to Defra..

So I have no idea of his age or where he came from before me  but he is well loved now and seems a happy and

very active little chap.

Karen x

Shall I Leave Willow Outside?

23 August 2014 - 10:12 AM



Ive had willow for about 15 months and usually I have him out in the daytime but bring him in at night

Im wanting to go away for 1 night (2 days ) and I cant decide whether I would be best to leave him out all night

or leave him inside with his lights off?  Im giving myself a headache worrying about it... if it rains, if he topples over ect

The weather this week has been a lot colder so im worried if he,ll be okay?he has no heat lamp outside

ive added pics

many thanks