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12 August 2014 - 11:13 AM

We've taken the plunge and are now the owners of a cool wee 2yr old Hermann called.................you guessed it Herman!

We did some research before getting into this but clearly not enough! :unsure2:  WOW there's a whole load of conflicting info out there. Therefore we have decided to stick here with you guys (and recomended sites) and work on the basis that as you are owners and breeders of them then your better placed to give balanced and tested info. Thanks.

Typically the weather has changed and the wee guy cant go outside until it warms up. Weve had him 3 days now and although he's in a makeshift table we'll be getting down to creating him a great habitat.

Amazon are now posting out a book recommended here, Naturalistic keeping and breeding of Hermann's Tortoises, also now purchased uv and heat lamp, thermometer and timer.


We'll get some photos of him and his home up soon. Thanks in advance for all the advice your going to give us  :winkgrin: