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Vet Visit

15 December 2015 - 09:09 PM

Took the torts to the vet as 2 had a wet nose and were kind of trying to blow their noses and squeaking. Vet said minor respiratory infection and prescribed a 2 week course of antibiotics (pain trying to give those).

While I was there I discussed our setup and he was very happy with our husbandry. I also asked about hibernation and was told that in the wild they have to hibernate from birth but in captivity we dont need to take the risk so leave it until they are around 4 before hibernating. This is to let them build up some body fat.

I was going to try this year but having heard this I will just wait until next year and do Fred only as he will be 4.


On the meds side any tips for the smaller tort. Fred is not too bad at 3 as I can get a good grip behind his head and hold his mouth open while I put the syringe in but Betty is smaller meaning it is way harder to get my fingers behind her head to stop her retreating into her shell. The wife is helping by holding the front legs back.



Weed Seed Supplier

26 November 2015 - 09:37 PM

I wanted to get some seeds for natural weeds and read about "the tortoise lady's mix" sold by Herbiseed and thought yay. I couldnt find a way of ordering on their website so was about to email them when I found this so are there any other suppliers out there?

Timelapse Of Our Hermanns

25 November 2015 - 08:04 PM

Wanted to see what they get up to in the day so took a time lapse. it runs fron 7:15am to 05:00pm.

Looks like Wilma is mainly trying to escape or hiding (no eating). and Fred is a lazy bully. he seems to be mounting the other 2 and chasing them around. Not sure if this is normal or not?

Betty seems to be the most active exploring all over and eating.

I am a bit worried that Wilma is mainly hiding and not eating. I have not seen her eat for at least 5 days. Maybe she has a strong urge to hibinate but we dont plan on doing it this year (not done it before and probably too late now?).



Baby Eyes Shut

21 November 2015 - 07:53 PM

I Noticed out latest tortoise was sat in the corner for a couple of days so I took her out to check her over. she wouldnt open her eyes despite walking about so I gave her a good clean in some warm water with a soft paintbrush. One eye opened but the other was still a bit closed. I gave her a second bath later in the day and both eyes were open but one has not opened fully and looks like the 3rd eyelid has not fully retracted.






I must admit the substrate has dried out due to not being watered for a while so I guess they were living in a dry enviroment. we have a hybrid table/vivarium setup with a ceramic heatlamp in the viv and a spotlight outside for basking She sits inside most of the time.

Could the dryness have caused this? I have just ordered 50Kg of new substrate as its due a change. I will keep cleaning her in warm water and see how she gets on. any advice welcomed.




Meet Fred (biggest), Betty (medium) and Wilma (smallest).