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02 June 2015 - 12:56 PM

Well, I am sorry you see it this way Keith. If points are brought up, them people are going to look at them and try to understand them, it would be silly not to, especially when we are looking to improve things for our tortoises. I think I have asked questions rather than argued and as I said, I think I must be missing something somewhere. maybe it is the terminology that has thrown me, I don't know. I've certainly not intended to hijack a thread and have only answered or queried points that you yourself have made. I've certainly not intended to argue. As you know, I give educational talks about tortoise husbandry occasionally,  so always on the lookout for improvements, but I'm not going to quote anything I do not understand. I'm not sure what agenda you are meaning and think maybe someone else is behind this latest post TBH.

As for Karen, I think she works very long hours, so might not be able to see any posts right now, I don't know, maybe I am wrong here. Many of us do juggle family life with jobs, our own animals and hobbies with helping out on forums when we can, so to think that people spend all day just checking the internet, might be a mistake. I know there are some who do, but it doesn't refer to everyone.

Hope we can get back to some normality now, but I'm still not sure of some points made in this thread, so if you could clarify I would be really grateful ;) 

As I see it, all of your questions have been answered.  With all due respect, research has been done on this issue from Spain to Scandinavia...and published for everyone to see.  I'm happy to assist in any clarification you may need..Maybe you should start a thread.

In Topic: Jerry Maffz

02 June 2015 - 10:07 AM

Sue , I'm sorry, but I think you are missing something. You seem to be arguing about points that haven't been made. All the info you require has been offered to you. You also seem to have hijacked a thread about my tortoise in the photo gallery section to get your agenda across.

I'm surprised that Karen hasn't stepped in to get things back on topic by now. ..I'm happy to keep this discussion going, maybe on it's own thread though.

In Topic: Jerry Maffz

01 June 2015 - 07:36 PM

Not sure I can explain Sue, perhaps it's the height to surface area ratio. Perhaps the heat sink effect is larger in a polytunnel or greenhouse. I'll just lift the lid up when the temps get too high as the unit will be redundant, though there is provision for graduated shade and airflow.

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01 June 2015 - 07:13 PM

Well time will tell..I can only go on my own findings, not the bigger picture, as everyones set-up, location etc. is different..Even on a dull day my cold frame can generate substrate temperatures akin to my indoor table, higher ambient and probably more light and UV, perhaps unit size is important here. To me, a coldframe isn't that different to a lamp..Both heat (and light) an area of space in which a tort can bask and you can generate a light/ temp gradient inside a coldframe quite easily...Truth told, my bigger problem is keeping temps down, not up.

In Topic: Jerry Maffz

01 June 2015 - 06:22 PM

Well I'm not saying anyone's wrong or right here, but like you I also prefer to check out other's theories and base my opinion on my own findings. As for the bad weather , well I've been to a lot of areas where tortoises live, as I know you have..I'm sure you would agree that even in the summer there can be many days when the weather can be terrible..Perhaps tortoises haven't evolved to be at a constant temperature for months on end.

 I do have a humid hide in the indoor table, and yes Jerry does use it more often than not, so "had I been around!!" I would've done the same as now, tried it, saw it worked and continued to use it..I think the main thing with these is to give the option.

I'll apply the same to my outdoor set up, try out theories but follow my instincts and my findings..Don't worry about Jerry though, I do have back up lamps.....if needed.