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1St Hibernation

11 August 2015 - 09:58 PM

Little advice please I have a 40+ year old female hermann has always lived in the garden digs in for the winter I do cover the earth to keep snow etc off. Every year in July she will dig a hole and lay 5 eggs and cover them over you wouldn't know she had been there.so safe to say she's in good health Sorry this is so long. The advice needed is for mr mrs hermann I have just got. I have paper work so I know they are 15 years old. They have lived indoors with light on a tortoise table. mrs hermann lays eggs both look in good health but have never hibernated I would like to hibernate them how long should I let them sleep for the first time the one in the garden stays under ground for 4 months. I have a good brick garage and thought as soon as they start to hibernate I could pop them into a good box and put them in the garage