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One Closed Eye

25 November 2014 - 10:52 AM

Hi I brought my 2 1 year old horsefield tortoises with full set up 3 weeks ago, everything seemed to be fine, then noticed the eye on one of them wasnt opening, so I have been bathing it with slightly salted water, which after he opens it for a couple of hours then closes again, we also noticed on the same day the other tortoise was biting his face, neck and leg, could this habe caused his eye problem? We no longer have that tortoise anymore we gave it back to pet shop , so we only have the one with bad eye, also he puts himsef to bed before the light goes out and he will stay there until I move him, he put himself to bed at 6pm and when I finished work at 1pm he was still there, thats why I move him as worried hes not getting enough sun/ heat, he eats weeds from the garden, although when we fist got him is was giving small amounts aof water cress, broccoli, curl cayl with the white calcium powder on it, but the last week its just been weeds from the garden, he drinks , basks and walks around if nothing was wrong, do u think I need to take him to see a vet? I would be very greatful for any advice. Also hes in a tortoiise table with half top soil the other small wood chippings, the heat is at 30 degrees and is on for 13 hours a day.