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Tortoise Newbie... Hope We Are Doing It Right!

03 January 2015 - 10:42 AM


We have a gorgeous little tortoise called Nigel... We have only had him 3weeks but he is part of the family & my 2 daughters love him!

He is two years old, weighs 82g & is 3.5" long...

He lives in a tortoise table with beech chips and straw bedding...

We are feeding him fruit & flower pellets as recommended & fresh greens every other day with nutrobal sprinkled on top, he also has cuttlefish but doesn't seem bothered by that. He seems to quite like tomato as well but only give him a small amount.

He loves having a bath, we have been giving him one per week and he sits in his own water tray at least twice a day...

He seems happy enough!

I would like some advice about his eating habits as he doesn't seem to eat very much... Is that due to his size/age? How much should he be eating? We were also told not to wet his pellets but have been reading about spraying them?

Thank you for any advice...

We love him to bits!!!