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First Timer!

16 December 2015 - 01:00 PM


We have wound down our tortoise, Eric, following strict guidelines and we began hibernation last night using the fridge method. We kept an eye on the fridge temp before we put him in for a couple of days and was sitting around 6 degrees.

I checked on him this morning after he had been in for 12 hours. He was still awake but hadn't moved in his box. I don't know if this is a silly question, but should he be asleep?

Thanks 😊


04 May 2015 - 04:57 PM


Our little tortoise, Eric, seems to be burrowing a lot at the moment and not eating too much.

He seems to have started doing this since the temperature dropped outside again even though he is currently inside.

Is this normal?

We would be grateful for any help or advice you may have!

Thank you :-)

New Tortoise Not Eating...

07 March 2015 - 10:29 AM


Please could I have some advice. We bought a Hermann tortoise from a reptile centre 2 weeks ago. He was hatched in December 2013.

We built a tortoise table for him which is approx 3ft by 5ft and filled it with soil and sand substrate. There is a hide for him which he tends to sleep in and slate which we leave food on for him. He also has a water bowl that we have sunk into the table.

The problem is that he hasn't touched a piece of food since we got him. We though it was that he was too cold. We had a 60watt heat lamp but it wasn't reaching 32 degrees so got a 100watt instead which heats more of his enclosure, but still, nothing.

We weighed him a week ago and he was 50g. Weighed him his morning and he was 48g. I'm not sure whether he has lost weight or he was just covered in a bit of mud the first time!!

We bath him daily in tepid water and he seems to drink a bit whilst he's in there. He is not lethargic - he likes to plod round the edge of his enclosure then comes into the middle when he gets colder.

Please could I have some advice. Very worried about the lack of food.

Thank you!