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Shopping List For Hatchlings

18 April 2015 - 06:56 PM

Ok there is the chance - although not confirmed that I may be getting a couple of hatchlings at the weekend - its not definate yet as its all a bit complicated. I must admit I was hoping to get a older 'rescue' tortie but thats proved to be difficult! 


So if I do collect 2 hatchlings next weekend what do I need. I'll need to get everything ordered/ bought by Wed as I work a long day Thurs and Fri and then away sat and hopefully picking up the new additions on the way home....


I was planning on getting a 4ft tortoise table for indoors, however with a hatchling am I better off getting a smaller enclosure that I can pick up and take outside rather then keep moving them between indoor and outdoor enclosures? If so, what size should I get? Any recommemdations? I'd need one with a lid as I have cats as well. What other essentials do i need? top soil? Any brand people recommend? Lightling? 


I know longer term I will need scales - again any recommendations?


Ohhh I'm so excited!! :) So are the kids, I have 6 yr old triplets who have been selling drawing/ doing jobs since Xmas to save up for a tortoise! They have made nearly £40!

Debating What To Get....

18 April 2015 - 07:49 AM

Ok I've now been trying to get a trtie for about 2 months, we went to 'specialist shops' and got all the wrong advise, got books out the libruary, been on here....I've contacted every breeder within a 3 hour drive and noone has any torties except pet shops.


I've looked at getting one from a rehoming place but looks like you need a large outdoor enclosure with heating. Which is not something I can do at the moment.  We do have a good sized garden and a possibility for the future but not at the moment. I've looked at hundreds of different enclosures - indoor and out, but not done anything as yet as I will do different depending if I end up with a tiddler or not.  I was considering for my outdoor enclosure sinking my dog crate (I bought it before xmas for my cat when she was ill and kept sleeping and falling off the bannister!) and then inside placing woodengarden edging, that way the little one couldn't dig out?


I've seen on preloved a adorable 3 yr old that someone is getting rid of BUT it was from a pet shop 3 months ago - no history before this, it sounds like it has been fed on pellets and the owner has had to mash down food etc and mix with pellets for him to eat. He is now eating weeds chopped up with a little bit of pellet 'gravy'.  Shes only had it 3 months but her dog keeps barking at it all the time.   She doesn't think he has been wormed or hibernated.   Would it be a really bad idea to get this one? Its so cute...... I could post a link to the advert.


Anyway - any advice gratefully received.



Anyone Breeding In Essex/ East London?

26 March 2015 - 09:40 PM

Hi All,


I am looking for a breeder in the Essex/ East London area - anyone recommend anywhere? I'm not ready just yet as need to get enclosure sorted but just doing my research.




Hello - Confused And Looking For Help!

22 March 2015 - 10:07 PM

Hi All,


I am just introducing myself as new to the site, I have wanted a tortoise since I was about 5 years old, nearly 35 years later I am gonna put me first and get myself one! :) I am very excited about expaning y family but everything I read or speak to I get a different bit of advice.


So I need a tortoise table - am I best to buy big to start with or am I ok to get a smaller table for a few years, I have a nice sized garden and hoping for the little lady to be outside for most of the time, I do work some days so need to make sure the enclosure is very safe as we do get foxes in the garden. We don't have masses of room indoors but plenty of garden space.  I have 3 cats already so I need a tortoise table with a lid? Any recommendations? Would it be ok to get a table a tortie now before my outside enclosure is sorted? Thinking its prob a bit cold for a little one to go out?


Also I've been looking at 1 year old ones, they seem too little to go in the garden? I've been looking at tortoise shops - is this ok or should I look for a private breeder?


Right well thats prob enough questions to get going with. :)


Thanks in advance.