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In Topic: Tortoise Of 8 Years Died A Few Days Ago...

12 April 2015 - 10:57 PM

I'm sorry to have to read that. I hope you had good memories with your tortoise.

In Topic: A Scary Experience With My Tortoise - Be Careful

12 April 2015 - 04:42 PM

Thanks for all the replies. He seems quite undeterred since so he's confidence hasn't taken too much of a knock. I'll make a note to leave him on some soil as opposed to grass - although the trouble with my property is that the soil outside naturally has a high percentage of small pebbles and stones. It will be difficult to sieve them out entirely so unless the accident has deterred him from doing it again, I'm not sure I'll feel confident in letting him roam to his own devices. Maybe, build a wide slabbed pen with compost maybe? - I'm still deciding. But yes, maybe I'll place some larger stones and some other natural things so he can sniff/nibble, get used to the taste/scent ect.


Anyway, that's all to report for now. I'm just happy to past my mishap on to others. It seems from replies here stone swallowing is a common occurrence, and unlucky or not; there is a danger to consider. If that means there are less tortoise choking stories posted here then maybe my scare story wouldn't be in vain.

In Topic: A Scary Experience With My Tortoise - Be Careful

11 April 2015 - 01:44 PM

Thanks for the replies. He seems to be doing well. I actually let him back out today (only on the grass, not the soil). I didn't want him to gain some kind of phobia of the outdoors. As he was probably hatched indoors in some shop vivarium and too young to be hibernated I presume he may have never seen sunlight, smelt the air, been outside in general before I owned him.

I guess maybe he just wasn't used to being in an environment where there were stones, rocks etc, and it's kind of sad. I would like him to be a happy natural tortoise but for his safety in future it may be best to build a tortoise pen upon some grass so I can be sure he picks no more up whilst he's outside. Heck, I guess it might to be a good idea to put some very large boulder stones in his vivarium (that are too big for him to even attempt to pick up and chew) and then maybe he will get used to smell and taste if he tries to knaw at it. Indoor spaces are just not natural enough it seems to prepare them for outdoors. My opinion anyway, but then I am new to tortoise ownership.