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In Topic: Are These Eyes Sunken?

09 June 2015 - 09:08 AM

I know his beak is misaligned, its already been burred back by a vet.

Yes I fed him high fibre weeds like dandelion etc - he has supplement on everything he eats and has several in date UVB lights in the table :(. Him and his brother have had exactly the same upbringing and his brothers beak is totally fine and he seems much more healthy, i just don't know where im going wrong with this one!

Unfortunately they lived with my mum during there first few years of life and she was mistakenly told by a trusted pet shop owner that tortoise pellets were a good source of a complete nutritional diet - so i think this may have done some lasting damage.


No, but his beak is misaligned. Is he fed high fibre weeds that are not cut up for him. Does he have regular supplements and an in date uvb source in addition to his basking source?



I agree with Sue,eyes look fine.The lower beak shouldnt be like this should be shorter than the top so the bite is like a sissor action,its way too long

In Topic: Possible Respiratory Infection?

03 June 2015 - 07:48 PM

do you suggest a purpose built sort of enclosure with heat lamp and things as well then? I am hoping to get them outdoors just trying to get something suitable!

In Topic: Possible Respiratory Infection?

02 June 2015 - 07:58 PM

I just don't have anywhere suitable for them to be outdoors really also the weather in scotland isn't great.... it was a max of about 12 degrees today, raining all day and dips down to 3/4 degrees at night... OK thank you, I will water down the substrate. Have been bathing 2x daily and ofcourse offering water at all times in the enclosure.

No there not :)

In Topic: Possible Respiratory Infection?

01 June 2015 - 09:17 PM

Ok thanks 

Yes i separated them a while ago as they are both male and were beggining to sexually harrass one another! This one is now in a completely different room and far away from the other one. Yes he did listen using a stethoscope. The noise of him breathing is quite audible from a distance away like a wheeze. I think he wanted to just try the antibiotics first rather than jumping into full blown xray etc if antibiotics could solve it first. He did say if it didnt work we would do all the other tests.  He had a good appetite before he started the antibiotics. He wasnt terribly active before but now he is much less active... he tends to come out to bask a bit then just goes back to sleep.. and hasnt eaten since he started the antibiotics. I will try to take a picture - the eyes just seem to be sunken down into their sockets, the vet said this was a sign of general debility - you can just see much more of the mucous membrane and the third eyelid they don't appear bright and shiny like my other tortoise. No he hasnt lost weight and was still eating loads before the antibiotics started. he weighs 480g.  My tort definetly wasn't imported. Im using a soil/sandy mixture called ProRep tortoise life?? I sometimes spritz it witha  water spray as it seems quite dry once its dried out in the heat. do you think he could still be dehydrated even though i am bathing him daily? I am bathing him with reptiboost electrolyte solution in the water and syringing a little into his mouth as well. 


PS - not sure if I am being overly optimistic but the eyes look less sunken today so hopefully antibiotics are working. But i am worried that he hasnt eaten a single bite for 5 days now and still another 5 days of antibiotics left to go!

In Topic: Possible Respiratory Infection?

31 May 2015 - 08:30 PM

No I didnt realise to keep temps up at night as well, should i leave his basking bulb on overnight too? Hes mostly just been sleeping a lot. The vet didnt do any tests yet - He said we could try the antibiotics and then if no improvement we could do a swab/lung wash/ xray. He doesnt have a specialist certificate in zoological medicine but he is used to dealing with tortoises/reptiles/exotics. I see practice quite a lot there whilst I am studying and he does treat quite a lot of reptiles.