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#64469 Worming Baby

Posted by Reajen01 on 13 July 2015 - 02:28 PM

Thanks, I think I shall leave him be then, he seems in good health, I'll probably get him tested each year anyway so I can monitor things.

#64310 Finally Finished! Now Come The Nerves......

Posted by Reajen01 on 27 June 2015 - 06:02 PM

Wimbles outdoor enclosure is finally finished, we hope! Tomorrow is going to be move day, I've told him to have his suitcase packed by 8am and to bring his colouring books for the journey ;) I have a new book to start and plan to sit with him ALL day while the OH brings me food and water when required and spells me off for loo breaks lol!!!





#64304 Tree Mallow

Posted by Reajen01 on 27 June 2015 - 03:45 PM

Beautiful plant! I picked some mallow today, got quite a woody stem - do you think I could root it somehow?

#64249 Wimbles Oudoor Enclosure - Opinions Please.....

Posted by Reajen01 on 24 June 2015 - 08:45 AM

We have decided to raise the height with another layer of decking boards and add more top soil and gravel for drainage. I watered it last night to help it settled and it is still a bit too wet this morning, so hopefully that will help.

I have a hide and a small cloche to add also, plus other bits and bobs, so hopefully it will be quite an adventure playground by the time we have finished!

My next question, we have lots of pea gravel, is this ok to use to create an area within the enclosure, so he has different surfaces to experience? It might sound silly but I was concerned about him possibly eating it.

He is up and about this morning, basking, foraging, eating, repeating, so I am not concerned just yet. He was fed on cabbage, cucumber and tomatoes for about three days before I collected him and was not bathed, so I wondered if he has a lot of water on board. I am going to continue to weigh weekly for now, so I can keep a closer eye on things.

#64241 Wimbles Oudoor Enclosure - Opinions Please.....

Posted by Reajen01 on 23 June 2015 - 05:20 PM



It is 4ft 9 by 4ft 2, easily extendable upwards for more depth and both length and width when he needs more space. It is resting on the weed control fabric, plus two layers of chicken wire, brought up around the external edges and held in place. The first layer of soil is from elsewhere in the garden and the top layer is bought top soil. The aerial photos don't really show the undulations in the surface but the deepest level is about 5 inches where it is built up. We did dig down, so the actual depth of the soil is deeper than the decking boards, with less attractive batons underground (we had them kicking about, waste not want not!) The space between ground level and the top of the boards is also 5 inches. Do folks think these dimensions, depths are ok or do we need to extend upwards to make the substrate deeper and escape proof the sides more?

Obviously these pictures are only the work in progress, the lid is the next job for tomorrow night, it will be double high to accommodate the height of the planting and accessories, hinged with hooks to keep it closed when we are not there to supervise.

I also have slate tiles, pebbles and various other bits to add, I just wanted to get the basics right first.

Also, aside from the enclosure, Wimble has gone from 30g to 27g in a week, we have the vets booked for his health check but I thought I'd mention it as he is so small. He is showing no signs of ill health whatsoever. How us newbies do worry!!!