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Wimbles Hatchmate - Help Appreciated

15 January 2016 - 08:27 PM

Hi all,

I won't go into details but a couple of days ago we took in Wimbles Hatchmate Terrence. Terrence had been kept alone since he was seperated from Wimble (when I was given him back in June) but I know I have been irresponsible putting them together immediately - I simply have no other tort accommodation and Terrence was in desperate need of a home and I hope I can provide him with better than he could have potentially ended up in.

I have examined Terrence and he has clear eyes, clean mouth and nostrils, he did normal toileting in his bath, both urine and faeces. I checked his faeces for any hugely obvious worm infestation but all appears ok.

He is more active than Wimble but I expect this is due to a new and much larger environment than he is used to. He has a very different personality and doesn't retreat when initially being picked up and even stretched for a chin rub today. Wimble is so very shy so Terrence is a great suprise on that score.

I haven't weighed, measured or photographed him yet, preferring to let him settle in, but I plan to tomorrow so I can give a little more information. My two primary concerns are that (compared to Wimble) Terrence has what looks like extended 'feathered/frilly' growth to the outer edges of his carapace and he is GREEDY! He eats so much more than Wimble I am concerned Wimble will lose out on food!!

It's early days, plans for an extension to the outdoor enclosure have started already, we hope to have it ready well in time for spring, so they have 'room enough for two' so to speak.

My final question, how long can they be housed together? I don't want to breed so if they are male and female when should they be seperated (I know it will be years away) and if they are both male how soon also? Long term I have plenty of room to house them seperated if required and I am more than willing to do this to ensure they are both happy. I guess you could say I prefer long term planning to short term fixes like this!

Thanks in anticipation

Weeds In The Back Garden

24 October 2015 - 12:30 PM


Since becoming a tort owner I have let a few areas of the garden get weedy. I have been able to feed a good selection between wild weed expeditions, dandelion, sow thistle, creeping thistle, clover and shepherds purse are still growing well in my back garden. But as the season has changed I have noticed some other weeds appear and despite scouring the tortoise table website I still can't identify them, so I wondered if anyone could help. These pictures were taken a few minutes ago, sadly none of the plants are flowering.


Two different weeds in this image


I thought this one was Pennyroyal and therefore not safe but it doesn't have the minty smell so I wondered if it could be something else?

Any help much appreciated

3Rd Day Burrowed Down?

14 October 2015 - 02:56 PM

Hi there,

Wimble is now indoors and he burrowed down really deep on Sunday afternoon and hasn't come up since. He has spent one day burrowed before but rose the following day to eat. The substrate is nice and damp beneath the surface (like a moist towel). Does anyone think I should dig him up for a bath and to encourage him to eat a little or just leave him to it?

Any advice much appreciated

Wimble Update

03 October 2015 - 02:38 PM

Hi everyone,

Wimble is doing really well, he has now come in for the winter and has a new indoor enclosure, see below.

Instead of asking questions I shall tell you what I'm doing and hopefully you can correct me where I am going wrong....

His behaviour changed as soon as the outside temperatures started to drop, he is only really active between 10am and 2pm, sometimes less, occasionally more. He has been gaining weight at the correct rate so far, which I equally pleased and proud about! I bathe him daily now he is inside and his new table means I can easily keep the substrate damp by just using a watering can around the edges every few days.

He isn't eating everything I put in for him, so I am only feeding him every other day, sprinkling with Netrobal. He has a small pot of limestone flour and cuttlefish bone too.

Initially I had his light and heat on for 12 hours and have since reduced it gradually to 9 hours, he spends the majority of his time buried near to his heat lamp. He is urinating and defecating regularly and both appear healthy. The hottest part of his table is 31 and the coolest is 18 with a gradient in between. I have invested in a non contact thermometer so I can accurately measure the temps.

I am planning on reducing his food from November to March with the aim of maintaining his weight for that period.

In the picture his table is next to a radiator but his since been moved in preparation for the heating coming on, he is in the centre of the lounge diner now, farthest away from any heat sources as I wanted to try and keep him in the coolest part of the room but still where we can see him.

Aside from all the practical stuff, he is an adorable little chap (or chappess) who has completely captured my heart. He is very shy but as we have a quiet house and quiet life, he doesn't retreat into his shell too often! I only handle him to put him in the bath and to weigh him, I'd like to handle him more but have read that this can stress them out so I don't.

When he was in his outdoor enclosure I spent hours and hours sat in the sun (too often with a glass of pimms) watching him, my partner regularly despairs when I get excited and shout him to come watch because Wimble is doing a poo/eating a new weed/burying down expertly.......the list goes on!

Looking forward to your comments, opinions and corrections xx

Worming Baby

12 July 2015 - 02:59 PM


I have had Wimbles faecal results back, negative for everything (yay!!) apart from 'very scanty nematodes', I plan to take him to the vet but I am sure I read somewhere that torts can't be wormed until they are at least 100g. Wimble is 33g now so I don't want to waste my time on a vet visit when he can't be wormed yet.