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Meet Aisha!

30 November 2015 - 06:02 PM


I have finally got round to posting some pictures of my new tortoise.

I'm so impressed with how she is doing, as some of you may know I had a red foot last year that died after a month so I've been rather paranoid with Aisha, but she is doing great.

So much more active, loves a variety of weeds and seems to be over all healthy, though she did scare the life out of me last night when she buried herself completely under her soil so I couldn't find her. . .

My fiancé thinks I'm completely bonkers after asking for a book to help me identify weeds but I'm actually enjoying getting outdoors and finding new ones, though my weed seeds are coming on great too.

Wow I do sound bonkers lol.

The breeder has incubated the eggs to be female so we are going with a girl though I know the odds aren't great.

Look forward to hearing and seeing all your tortoises

Weed Identity

28 November 2015 - 10:06 AM

Hi guys, I've just got my new addition (photos to follow)

Can you identify these weeds for me, I have gave her some nettles and dandelion but I'm under the impression these are to only be given occasionally so are any of these a better food source?

My weed seeds have starting coming through but not quick enough!

Thanks for the help 😊

Supplements For A Complete Beginner

17 November 2015 - 03:26 PM



I will be picking up my new 3 month old Hermann tortoise next week. I am so excited but panicking at the same time. 


I keep seeing all sorts of supplements available, limestone powder, calcium powder, nutrobol, cuttlefish ect. 


What do I actually need??? 


I understand that calcium is essential but doesn't nutrobol contain calcium? But amounts also depened on housing. 


I think I am going crazy LOL  :blush:


Any help would be appreciated. 





24 June 2015 - 06:30 PM

I don't currently have a tortoise but me and my partner plan to get one in the next few months.
We are so excited but first we need to get everything.
I have been doing lots of research and have found some fantastic products but I do still have a few questions.
I have read the best substrate is a play sand and top soil mix. Is there anywhere I can buy this already mixed? Also what ratios do you use for your hermanns?
Finally would you recommend getting any tortoise first aid products or just anything you consider than comes in handy but is not well advertised for your torts?
Thanks so much, I cannot wait to learn more and get to know you all. 😊