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01 July 2015 - 11:43 AM

So we're set on getting an adult hermann (re-homed), but really wanted to keep it outside permanently other than at hibernation time when we would keep it in a fridge. I've built a 6ft square enclosure in the garden which will have a caged roof to keep the foxes, birds and squirrels out  and will be filling it with top-soil and adding plenty of herbs, rocks etc. The area semi-gets the sun (it's a North facing house and it's the sunniest place I could find) So this is where I am starting to struggle. I'm thinking of getting something like a dog kennel for the permanent residence but do not understand the  heat and light requirements.

Would I be able to keep a lowish wattage tubular heater kept on permanently and a combined heat/UV lamp which came on for a number of hours a day?

I am confused because reading the requirements from the TPG (Tortoise Protection Group) They are suggesting that an indoor enclosure is also necessary. So is it even possible to keep them outside permanently?


Many thanks for your advice