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In Topic: 1 Yead Old Hermann Tortoise Not Eating

01 October 2015 - 07:09 PM

Thanks Graham we appreciate your message. The little fellow is sorely missed. When I do get another one to love I think I will be a tortoise hypochondriac!

In Topic: 1 Yead Old Hermann Tortoise Not Eating

30 September 2015 - 06:59 AM

Hi. I'm sorry tonsay that little hector went downhill rapidly last night and died this morning.

When I got home yesterday he was asleep. I put him in a warm bath and then he started running around and appeared panicked. When I took him out he was limp and barely moved. A few hours later he started gasping for air and then a couple of hiurs later mucus was appearing from his mouth and nose, this was about 1am.

I feel so bad for the little guy as I dont knwo what we did wrong. I only knew hin for a short while but we had all fallen in love with him.

RIP Hector x

In Topic: 1 Yead Old Hermann Tortoise Not Eating

24 September 2015 - 06:25 PM

Thanks for the advice :)
Hector seems a bit better today and has a bit of apperitie and a bit more energy. No signs of much poo yet.
I was so scared when I got home as he was on his back and his neck and legs were limp. I ran over and was so relieved when he moved.
He has been on his back a couple of times. He appears to like walking straight off sheer drops. Im considering making his table almost flat just to keep him safe when I am at work.
I wanted to post some pictures but cant work out how to from my phone :(

In Topic: 1 Yead Old Hermann Tortoise Not Eating

22 September 2015 - 07:13 PM

Hi, thanks for the reply amd the welcome :)
Ill give the breeder a call and see what they say.
I am trying to keep him hydrated through baths. He has seemed a little more active today.
I am using a uv lamp like one of those energy saving ones. I am planning in the future to change to one of the ones that is suspended above the table and provides heat and uv as i beleive this will be better and provide more of a spread of heat across the table.
How long do you reckon I should d keep the lights on?
I think i should water the substrate more. I havent done this regularly and it was very dry when I got back. He has never burrowed in it when it has been either moist or dry.
As I am at work all day I dont get to view a lot of his behaviour and have to make guesses on what he has been up to from the state of his home.
Are there any external signs of dehydration I can look out for?

Thanks again :)