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1 Yead Old Hermann Tortoise Not Eating

21 September 2015 - 08:17 PM

Hi everyone,

Im new to the forum and tortoise ownership. Ive have had Hector for around two months and he was one year old when I got him. It was a surprise at first and a little scary but I quickly fell in love with the little fella.

I had done lots of forum reading and have a substrate of 100% topsoil. He has a water bowl in a terracotta plant pot saucer and places to hide such as a patially buried plant pot on its side. He has a desk lamp for heat which provides 32 degrees under the light and another bulb for UV (both on 14 hours a day). I bathe him every day and have recently done so more than once a day or extended his baths.

The reason Im posting is that I am worried about a changd jn behaviour. A couple of weeks ago he was regualrly marching around his table making a right mess of the water bowl and dragging his food all over the place. He was regularly pooping almost every time I bathed him he would do a greeny brown poop and sometimes some white stuff (cant remeber what this is called). He had a good appetite and was eating dandelion, clover, salad leaves like lettuce and rocket some bramble shoots amd use a little calcium powder each time.

I went away for a week and a friend popped in to bathe and feed him the week before last (his lights were on a timer). Since I have come back he has been very lethargic the differnce is lile night and day and he is hardly eating anything at all. Also he is not pooping like he used to they are much smaller and not the dark green brown green colour they were before. I am very worried about him but at the same time am not sure whether it is normal. I am not planning on hibernating him as i do not feel confident with this. I am worried he might be winding himself down regardless of my intention!

Hector came from a uk breeder (I am in the uk) with the certification. My parter bought him for me and I know she did a lot of research and sas careful with her choice.

Sorry about the long post but just trying to fit everything in and Im sure I have missed out lots still! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.