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Marginated Tortoise Question On Urate.

09 November 2015 - 04:44 PM


After the sad passing of Sheldon in June, I replaced him with a marginated tortoise named Vinnie. Sheldon expelled urate as soon as I got him in the bath but I've had Vinnie for a few months now and I've never noticed any urates in his daily soak, water dish or enclosure. He hatched on 1st June 2015 and I got him in July. He is pooping and weeing everyday and poop is nice and firm. He has a mixed diet of weeds, flowers and crispy mix and his food is dusted daily with Nutrobal. I know it's expelling uric acid but is it something to be concerned about that I've never found any? His bedding is a soil and coir mix kept moist and his temperatures are 30-32 at basking end to room temp at the other end in central heated room. He seems healthy and active and is gaining weight and size well. Thanks

Hi Everyone :-)

13 August 2015 - 12:35 PM

Hi everyone, I'm Wendy and I'm from Middlesbrough. I got my 1st Hermann Tortoise in May this year. He was born sometime in 2014 and we've named him Sheldon.

I got him from The Tortoise Shop in Hull and he has all papers and is chipped.

He's a little character and loves his daily soaks, climbing and stomping about.

Because we live in a flat with no outdoor space he is an indoor tortoise.

He has a large tortoise table with heat lamp and separate UVB bulb and he goes for outings to his grandma's to play in her garden when it is warm.

I feed him a mix of weeds, flowers and crispy mix lettuce.

He has a split scute on his bottom. I don't see this as a defect but that he's special :-)

I have been reading your forum for help since he arrived and have found it very helpful.