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Woken Up Early?

28 February 2016 - 10:57 AM


My lovely Madam Tortue has been hibernating since the 3rd week of Nov and this morning she is awake. Can they go back to sleep or should I go with the waking up procedures?

She is an outside tortoise ( in France) and she has hibernated in a spare bedroom in my house- don't worry I have no central heating and the window ajar. The temp has raised outside a bit but with still frost over night. It is far to cold for her to go outside, in another 4 weeks it would be a different story.

Any advice would be grateful.

Thank you

Is She A Hermann?

23 September 2015 - 09:17 AM

Hi there,

I'm a total newbie to tortoises and this forum has so many useful questions and answers.

I'm going to ask first if you all think that this lovely tort is a Hermann?

She is female- totally flat underside and measures 20-21cm (the shell) or about 25cm when her head is out!

And weighs 1.5kg.

Thank you for anyone who can help me determine her breed.