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Help Are My Torts Trying To Hibernate?

20 December 2015 - 10:35 AM

Hi. I am new to forum. I have 2 lovely wee hermanns. Phoebe is 12 months 5.3cm and 34.5g Tiny is 13 months 5.5cm and 30g. They live in an indoor enclosure with topsoil as substrate, rocks to wander, a hide and a separate basking area with a heat lamp and separate uv light. I plan to get them mainly outdoors in Spring tho living in Scotland temps will dictate I'm sure. I got them from a Breeder in April this year mand decided to over Winter them for their 1st year with me so that i could monitor weights and gain confidence in their care. Since they've slowed down I have been waking them and putting them in warm baths every day where they sit for approx 10 mins and I offer them fresh food. Weeds are a problem for me just now so it's florettte salad they get. They eat very little and not every day Typically they come out of the bath and either eat very little or nothing at all, then they have a very slow wander and are back burying down within the hour If I don't get them up they'll stay there till I dig them up the next day. Should I wind them down and hibernate properl or is it too late? im very n rooms about hibernation.Thanks in advance for your advice. Brenda