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Toilet Issues...

01 October 2015 - 10:51 AM


We have now had Tilly Mint  for just over a month and she is turning into quite a character ! Think we are on top of the feeding (she came to us on a diet of fruit and lettuce) and she now enjoys various weeds and flowers.We bathe her every day and she is fairly active when she is awake ( between 10am ish - 4pm ish!)

My question is this - How often should she wee and poo?

About a week after having her there were a few days when there was a whitish powdery substance in her bath which i assumed was wee but have seen nothing for over a week now. And I think I have only ever seen one poo in her table.


She has a shallow water dish in her table which we change every day so she always has access to fresh water


Is this normal?


Thanks xx

My New Little Friend...

14 September 2015 - 01:55 PM

Hi everyone

We have just taken charge of our first little shelled friend . She (?) is 13 months ( we were told she was a she due to the temperature she was incubated at?) and has been living outside until she came to us. She is now indoors as we are still constructing an outside enclosure. We have spent the last week searching for definitive answers and are just finding conflicting advice from everywhere. 

She was fed on a diet of cabbage and fruit which it would seem is not at all suitable for a Hermann's tortoise so we have been offering her clover from the garden, rose petals and washed bagged watercress from the supermarket until the seeds we have planted for her grow - my concern is she is not eating at all really. Should i just continue offering this food or add some of what she is used to?

Also - her shell isn't smooth, but bumpy looking like pyramids - should i be worried as I have read about pyramiding?

Sorry for the long post but don't really know which web site we should follow for advice?



Just thought to add  some pics!


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