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In Topic: 2 X 3 Year Old Hermann Females...ebony 'n' Emily

25 November 2016 - 08:10 AM

Thanks gals for the reply altho a slight misunderstanding....they are pissing in their food bowl & all over the FOOD even when just washed & clean food put in...NOT in the water bowl..that they just walk thru it en route to the food making clean water into a muddy pool from the substrate on their feet.

In Topic: Questions From The New Carer Of Em & Eb...

30 November 2015 - 10:46 AM

bonjour...having taken on board all the advice offered on this site & purchased the Arcadia 18w Desert Pro lamp & completely new substrate dampened with the daily warm bath water, my torties Em & Eb have forgiven my ignorance/inexperience & are flourishing...a poo each very often, urates in the bath, lively after bathing times but more importantly they now actually get up out of hiding & have a walk around to check everything out as I move things around to different positions daily to give them a new dimension. Just on occasions do the have the Romarin lettuce but daily now eat Sow Thistle & Dandelions & altho I offer rose petals & Honeysuckle they ignore them...maybe in time they will. I have a roof tile with a rough surface as a ramp up to the food bowl to help keep their nails & beeks in trim & another rough stone has the Cuttlefish on for the same reason. Just a sneaky feeling but Emily might not be a girl & will have to have a slight name change to Emile...could be wrong but wait & see....**************************many thanks to all who gave the good advice********************