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2 X 3 Year Old Hermann Females...ebony 'n' Emily

21 November 2016 - 06:08 PM

Bonjour, My girls have done very well since I last contacted you for advice, they lived out all summer & as we had a very hot one here in France they loved their new cage with room to run around & also go in the little shaded area I made. I expanded their choice of food & dandelion leaves seem to be the favorite of which I have a plentiful supply...the best grow on the manure heap of course.

The last 3 days they have a new probleme in that despite being bathed every other day when they pass their poo, urates & I assume piss they are now pissing in their food bowl every time i empty it, clean & replenish with clean....why? is there a probleme that needs investigating further or what please???

I have now had them since jul 2015 & they have gained 100 gms since I took them in & they were really quite poorly, no UVC or heat lamp previously & stary  dry shells & hardly active whereas now when  they see or hear me they RUN to the food or for me to pick them up....they are much admired by all my friends & I have a long list of tortie sitters if required.