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New Hatchling Indoor Enclosure

27 September 2015 - 03:06 PM



I have just spent my first weekend with my new hatchling tortoise. I think she (I know it's too early to tell but the breeder said that he had incubated her to be a female so i'm going to go along with that for now) is beginning to settle in and has been busy exploring in to her new enclosure. She has eaten a little bit of curly kale, had a bath and shortly after pooped. I have been reading lots in preperation and still reading lots but what is really confusing is how lots of information seems to conflict with something else i have read or been told.

The enclosure has a substrate of tortoise terrain as that is what the breeder used, she also has water, pebbles, and places to hide. I did include hay which she seemed to like snuggling down under to sleep, more reading has led me to believe that i shouldn't put in hay so i have taken this away and increased the depth of the substrate in the hope she will dig down to go to sleep.

I am very new at this and i am sure i don't have it right yet and will be adding slate for her food and plants in the near future but im sure there is more i should do or move!

I have uploaded a picture so that i can hopefully get some feedback and make the adjustments i need to to make a lovely little home for my new little one. (still trying to decide on a name)


Thanks in advance